Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a little pride...

Some years ago someone said about my building-skills, I'd be just dropping prefabbed prims and every idiot can do that... Well, I am now almost finished with the City of Corcyrus and although it isn't even officially opened yet, it is in traffic already among the first 5 Gorean SIMs (and there are several 100). And a part of it I think is because people want to see the city, many want to stay and live there and they bring their friends in too. My boys call me a "Master Builder" and the visitors and citizens of Corcyrus are full of praise, some calling it even "A piece of art". I for myself don't see me as Master-Builder. I am still struggling with scripts and sculpts - two skills a Master-Builder in my opinion would have to posess. But I think I have decent skills and I love to create and I have taste combined with being good in mathematics and an eye for details plus - thanks to OCD - a certain.. obsession.
However, I'm a little bit proud of what I created there, although I know.. thinking about it... having more time... and more prims... I know, I could do better. :-)

Anywho... I'm getting a bit tired of not having time for other things, so I hope this week the work will be done. Then we can move back to our Gorean home in Kalana Fjord, which is moving to another cluster. I'm looking forward to a certain RP-system they are using there. And I guess as it has German basics, I have a bit of advantage.

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