Saturday, December 10, 2011

busy week

So, what happened this week? So much, that I can't even remember all. The main event was, that my lil devil Mick returned to the chain. Four boys now... I guess I need a Master-convalescence-holiday soon! :-)

Here's a pic of the collaring and my lovely boys. More pics and the whole ceremony you can read in my lil sunshine's blog.
I even made a bosk-roast all by myself. Masterly for my boys. It was well done. I mean... really.. very well done. My boys are sooooo fond of my cooking skills, but they were too modest and overwhelmed by the honor to eat more than a tiny piece of the delicious, very crunchy roast. (And if anyone tells you, my cooking skills would credit any Tuchuk torturer, he's lying!)

Last sundway we were dancing again at the OOC dance in Tabor:

This time we themed it White latex and we looked really hot and sexy.

Hmmm, can't remember much more about this week. Some pointless discussions. Oh, a RP where we spread candies all over the Tabor cluster, but unfortunately the slaves seem to be full of candies already, so nobody really searched for the lost candies. Did some trading with Iceberg for wool. Oh, and my son Darion Ninetails is now a member of the scarlets. Yay!

So, that's it as far as I remember...

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