Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's the season

The last weeks we were a bit busy preparing for christmas. Our Earth-Parcel is beach and as we didn't want to change this, we made a nice skybox. Pics will follow soon.

So, here's just a pic of River and me decorating the christmas-tree while Mick plays the bagpipe:

Chance - first boy of Tabor - has put out the traditional skating rink in Tabor and asked us to decorate Tabor Isle a bit. I wished I had more time... I'm a slooooooow builder, checking and rechecking again and again... but however, I think it's nice. And fun to complain IC (in character) about the "lazy slaves, who don't keep the ways free of snow", while I OOC (out of character) shoveled the snow there all by myself. :-)

This is one of those pictures... hmmm... I think, everybody, who likes to take pictures in SL knows the situation: I am normally in low graphics because of lag... but then you have this moment, where you think "Wow! That would be an amazing snapshot!", but as you are in low graphics, you want to do it even better... raising draw distance, atmospheric shader, playing with different windlights etc etc etc - and at the end, the result is just disappointing, as the magic moment is gone. - This is one of those disappointing pictures, but I don't have an other.

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