Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's new, Pussycat?

Again I haven't written much the last weeks. Been working RL most of the holiday season and spent the rest of the rare time in SL; so no time to write here. I think I should get used to write at least one article per day, so I not forget, what happened...

The new/first slave of my Gor-son was a big disappointment. We all thought he was nice and we all welcomed him to the family, but he turned out as a weirdo. Got a big tantrum, shoting down River with no reason, interrupting a RP. - I thought it was just a tantrum for some reason... happens to the best.... and waited for him to calm down. But he started an odd, ridiculous vendetta with spellfire and other griefer-HUDs, bothering not only us but friends too. *shrugs* It seems, SL offers a platform for too many weirdos...

Roleplay these days been not much. For one reason we are in the wrong time-zone. Another reason is the season. Too many people are away for the holidays. And sometimes I have the feeling, that Gor-RP is about to die. Well, we're a bit "special" anyways, as we prefer "realistic" RP instead of the usual pew-pew, raid, burn down houses (ridiculoust thing ever to do, unless you do it really well, like those savages who - not used to buildings - tried to make a campfire in a taverne-room...), rape etc.
We had some big hope in the Nutri Life System (NLS), but it figures out to be a RP-killer instead of a RP-enhancement. People spending the whole day  gathering products. Slavegirls kneeling in their dancing silks in gathering places and digging for salt and metal and gold... Or shooting down zillions of Tabuk (one-horned deer), verr (sheep), bosk (cows) and tarsk (pigs) to offer horn, wool and leather for dumping prices. I wonder, what's the point of it? It not only takes their time which they could spend more useful by doing RP, it's also not a bit realistic and it kills everybody else's RP with the NLS-goods too, as you don't have a chance to be a serious merchant. And I don't talk of making lots of NLS-coins. I have those plenty; don't need them. I would even give someone OOC some silver-tarsk so that he'd be able to buy goods from me, if he RPs it well! But what's the point, when you for example RP traveling to the desert in a caravane, haggling with merchants there for salt, and then you return with loads of salt... and you can right delete it, because you will never sell it. And why can't you sell it? Cause potential customers will either gather and grind for hours their own salt in gathering places (it should be only available in the desert BTB) or - even worse - buy it to 100s for some pennies from people, who have nothing else to do than camp on the spawners all day long.
Anyways... it's a bit frustrating as I really had hope in the NLS as RP-enchancement. If I could afford it, I would rent a SIM again and build a city, where the use of the NLS is controlled and taken as what it should be: An Enhancement, not a RP-killer.

However... today we made another attempt. We RPed to load a ship full of goods for the north. Including our new snow-sleen (fun!) plus his sled. The ship-loading was fun as we met a new healer of Tabor at the docks, who's a good RPer and who bought some of the medical supplies which we bought from the producers in Tabor Mountain.
When the ship was loaded, we travelled far north to sell stuff, which we had bought before from producers around Tabor and on our trading travels. The SIM we went to was crowded, so we thought we had some fun RP putting up a marketstand, offering goods, haggling and advertizing.... and been ignored.
People were gathering in the taverne, they didn't even bother to check the gates as we knocked loudly and blew the horn. Some of their warriors passing us without a word, not even wondering about the strangers in their city... We packed our crates and returned to the ship.
Fortunately on our way to the docks we met a blacksmith from another city, so finally we had some fun RP haggling with him and selling him some iron and candy canes. Too bad he didn't want the long-johns our seamstress in Tabor is knitting and which my boys modelled for him. :-) So after all it wasn't that bad thanks to this guy. And maybe we have more luck when next time we will visit his homestone...

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