Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine?

It's Valentines Day... so what?! I started it sad... and angry... and sad... and upset... and did I mention sadness?

Had some kind of fight with Rammy last night. - Oh, I should tell you: I bought some new XCite-stuff the day before yesterday. And somehow I screwed it up. Don't know what happened, but some strange thing attached on my cock and I couldn't use it any more. Can you imagine how depressing and desperating it is, to not be able to use your cock??? Especially when you got a cutie like Andrej around?
So, I wasn't in a good mood at all as Rammy arrived. I tried to fix the problem (and I managed it) while Rammy waited patiently. As I finally finished I gave him a cock-ring as a gift for his patience. And then it happened...

I don't know WHY he'd chosen "give back to owner" at all instead of just "take" the object... however, he accidently deleted the house! - - - Do you remember Jeremy doing the same two weeks ago? And how mad Rammy was at him?

Soooooooooo..... I have to admit: I laughed my heart out! You should have seen Rammys face! And I couldn't help it. I had to laugh and laugh and laugh... Of course he became more and more upset. But he acted as if it was MY fault, that HE deleted the house. Hello?!?

I just don't know why he was so mad at all!? After all it was ME who was busy with furnishing and building in the last two weeks. I can't remember that he worked anything on the house. I don't blame him for that... I just want to say: IF anyone had a reason to become mad, then ME.

But it tried to see the chance: I thought it's just a heavenly sign that it's time to fish or cut bait! So I started a discussion about our plans of renting our own land. I'm just tired of temporary solutions and compromises! And Rammy seemed to see it the same way... Till he said - after 2 hours of discussion - that for the moment we should rebuild the house and start from the beginning.


I told him, that I am too tired for this. Again it would be ME who had to do all the work. And no, Sir! I won't do it again!!! (Well, I have to admit: Today the house was back and I started again... couldn't help it!) Well, he said he's tired too and will go to bed. He gave me a short hug and vanished. Left me alone with all the anger and desperation. And Andrej left too.

I felt so alone... and sad... and angry at Rammy at the same time. This damn frathouse will NEVER work. So either I forget it or I will do (and pay) it all by myself. Maybe that's the best way?

I couldn't get sleep, so I strolled around. Went to college and almost startet a fight with Quirt. Hm, I think, he was a little scared of me... Good!

Then I did some work-out and katas to blow off steam. Didn't really help, but felt good. I ended at the pool of Andrejs apartment-house. I'm not sure, why I went there!? He offered me a few hours ago, that I could use the house as a kind of sanctuary. But I didn't want to go inside, so I just hang around at the pool. I phoned with Anaru, told him the whole story. And he soothed me that Rammy and me will find a way to reconcile, cause we are inseperable. I hope he's right! *snif*

I wrote Valentine's cards to Rammy and Andrej. And now I'm waiting for a reaction...


Jordyn Carnell said...

i <3 Franz (for valentines anyway) I don't know how anyone couldn't..

Franziskus said...

/me blushes