Wednesday, February 20, 2008

still busy

Here I am again! - Lots of things to do the last week.

But let me tell you first of all: Everything's okay with Rammy now. I'm so happy with it.

And Andrej.... *sigh*.... he's such a sweetie! Too bad he don't have much time. Always on duty... But today we got 11 hours. And we will use them!!!

But the main reason, I was busy: I rented land! Two parcels with 1024 sqm each. And I built the big house I've always wanted! But it's really a lot of work. And always the problem with the prims... They are gone much too fast.
I'm really proud of what I did with the two parcels. I think it looks nice after the work I've done. It was an ugly mess before I started. I just wish I had more prims, so I could do more decoration. Don't know how others manage that!? And my inventory.... Oh gosh! .... It's a mess! I don't know when I will get ready with all that stuff?

But first of all I'm looking forward to meet Andrej in a few hours...

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Jordyn Carnell said...

noone has enough prims! (the secret is having/making textures)