Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time for an update

Brotherhood of the Liberating Light

Yes! I've been busy.

I told you, that finally we created the "Fratboyz spanking and hazing" group and rented a house. We call the fraternity "Brotherhood of the Liberating Light" - Rammy's idea. Sounds wonderful! Mystically somehow...

But the frathouse takes up too much time. It's too small and we don't have much prims. I would like to do much more furnishing and make it cosy, but I don't feel "at home" at all.

We are at a point for change, but I don't know the direction... Rammy didn't do much in the house. That's okay. I know he's busy. But it's exhausting for me to care for the house and for two pledges.

So, the question is: How will we go on? We could buy or rent land and build a bigger house. But when it's only me who has the whole work with it, then it's too exhausting. And I'm not sure, if there are any more interested pledges!? And it's a question of money too. - Well, yes... if Rammy and me as group-owners rent land together, it would be okay. But think of all the nice stuff we could buy for that money instead!!!

Well, just wanted to tell you: I don't know how to go on with the fraternity.

The Pledges

Yes, you did read right: I wrote "two pledges". ~> Remember: We degraded Jeremy from owner to pledgemaster. But he still acted strange and abused his power. So, after several discussions and attempts to talk to him, last week we finally degraded him to pledge. And I have the certain feeling, he goes better with it!
(On the pic you see him playing piano four-handed with me. I didn't know he's a piano-player too...)
He acts fine now - most of the time. But he still thinks only of spanking, spanking and - oh yes! - spanking. - Well, spanking is fine and nice, but it's not everything in the world. And it isn't the only content matter of the fratgroup. The group is also about dominance and submission, caring, brotherhood and fun. I hope he will understand it one day...

Our other Pledge - Andrej - is a wonderful boy. He's so good at RP! (Here you see him sitting on one of the cushions I bought for the pledges. Doesn't he look nice?)
The only problem is: He's very often on stand-by duty. That means, we can't do all the things, we should do to him. He's got the paddling for three days (3x12) now coming PLUS two punishments. But he comes and goes, never has time. Okay, I understand it, but he won't be able to observe the pledge-rules...

You see: Future of the fraternity is in the dark! We got one pledge who has to get used to the fact, that he lost his authority, and a second pledge, who's not able to meet the requirements for a 24/7 - pledgehood. Maybe Rammy and I should just leave it and save the time and money for our personal joy?


Speaking of "personal joy"... I'm Xcited all over now! That means: I was shopping at the XCite-store. I bought a neck, nipples, clamps, lips, a gag, some combos and tools, and Rammy bought me a slave-collar.
We had lot's of fun with it. Rammy and I like to roleplay that master-slave-relationship sometimes. - But we both are aware that it's only a game. We are brothers, friends, pals though... Well, most people we meet seem to think, we are a couple. Even Andrej said it yesterday. That's strange! We never saw it that way.
However, we played master & slave two days ago. I enjoyed it. He said, he would like to walk me around on the leash, but he couldn't handle the collar. Hope he will learn soon, so we can go out. I'd like to!
(Hm, I'm not sure, if I should have written this, cause my pledges will read it. And maybe I'll loose some authority, if they come to know about their pledgemaster submitting?)


Talking about submission... - Rammy and me are still looking for nice femdoms. I've been to the Queendom of Buccinaea (is that the right name?) several times. I got a new hairstyle. And I bought a nice Gor-male-slave-silk. I like it very much! Rammy likes it too, but Jeremy didn't. I showed it to Andrej yesterday, but I'm not sure, what he thinks about it.

Well, I don't know how to behave at that Queendom. And I don't know if the mistresses are even interested in me. Maybe they don't know how to handle a gay boy? And I have the impression, it's more about ridiculous humiliating games like making men to sissy-boys and stuff like that. I don't think I like that. Submission is one thing, but losing your personality is another!

Roleplay (RP)

I'm getting more and more used to that roleplaying. I like it, even if it's complicated and confusing (to say "no!" an mean "yes!") sometimes. I think I'm not too bad at it. I would be better if it was in German. Cause of my limited vocabulary I have some difficulties. You should be spontanous, but you can't be spontanous if it takes too long to build a sentence. Well, I'm making progress in my foreign languages, I guess...

What else?

Well, I think that's it. Anything else? I've been parachuting again. With Jeremiah first, then with Rammy. Yesterday Rammy and I took Andrej for a short flight. Two days ago I flew with Rammy up to 5.000 meters! Just for fun I disguised as an angel and flew through the dark starry sky. Was lot's of fun!

Yesterday we visited Andrej in his new condo. Very nice and cosy there! We three spent a lot of time talking. (Hm, well... he had no time for pledging, but time for talking? I have to think about that...) I found out that he's friend of one of my favorite comic-artists: Joe Phillips. Wow!

After he and Rammy went home, I strolled around a little. And I found a big Japanese school near to the apartment-house. But it seems it's not ready. Too bad! Could become a nice place there...

Okay, that's it for today. I hope I didn't forget anything!? You know there happens a lot in two weeks...


Jordyn Carnell said...

there's a 24/7 time requirement? WOW! that's a lot of time to be in SL.. i spend too much time as it is and i'm only in about 20hrs a week (OMG! am i really inworld THAT much?)

Franziskus said...

LOL - It was meant, that you have to be pledge for the hazing period ALL THE TIME, even if you are in other SIMs. But we changed a lots since those first days...