Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Damn XCite!

Oh, I'm so mad at XCite! Well, maybe it's not their fault? Don't know...

But first let me tell about last wednesday. - I was out with Rammy and my angel Andrej. Somehow we decided to go as tiger-daddy (Rammy) and his two tiger-cubs (Andrej & me). And I have to say: I LOVE my tiger-outfit! Always wanted to be a tiger. It's my totem, I guess...
But I wasn't too happy that day, cause I felt bad that Andrej bought his tiger-skin for a lot of money just to please me. Mine was for free (well, I added a flexible tail and ears now, which were some Lindens, but not too many). I felt bad, that he did that, so I decided to buy him a nice XCite-collar for the outfit. And.... that damn thing didn't appear in my inventory. I spent hours and hours searching and waiting for it, but it didn't come. Well, I have to say, it maybe was a problem of Linden-lag, not of XCite, so I can't actually blame them... and after I wrote them an IM the next day, they sent me the collar. Strange enough: It was already rezzed (opened)!?
The rest of the night we strolled around, went to a dance at the Yaoi-night-club, then to the tristar-dungeon, where we performed a good show. And we learned to know Dougg, a cute little kitten with a very hard life. I adopted him, so we have a house-pet now. I always wanted a kitten, but I never thought, it would be a Neko...
On this picture you see me as tiger, Rammy relaxing in the background, and with me on the rug little kitten Dougg. Such a cutie! *sigh* But he wasn't XCited, so I bought the beginners-package for him. Maybe it's a little stupid, to spend so much money for a homeless kitten I knew just for a few days, but I felt sorry for him and his hard life, and I wanted to cheer him up. And it was some kind of selfish too, cause now I can play with him much better!

The rest of the week I was busy with the house. I wasn't happy with the way it was build. So I rebuilt the whole house. And I'm not finished yet! It's a lot of work and I'm interrupted way too often.

We have some new pledges too. So it is time to get ready. But I'm a little concerned about the prims. We still don't have enough. Well.... have to wait till I'm ready, so we'll see!

I walked around a lot as tiger. Did I mention, that I LOVE it? So to make it perfect I wanted to buy fangs. Went to XCite and.... again!!! I paid the money and didn't get anything back. I waited for over an hour to receive the objects, but nothing. Nada! Niente! Nichts!
Oh, I'm soooo angry about XCite! I counted: Spent almost 12.000 Lindens on XCite!-products in the last two months. I have to write them another IM. That's annoying. I think, it was the last time ever, I bought something online. If I ever buy an XCite!-Product again, I'll better go straight to the shop and not order it online.

However... last night I strolled around with Rammy, Andrej and pyrate - a new pledge. We found an interesting dungeon with some nice instruments, but it was a little weird and strange. That pyrate doesn't know much about RP. And he's kind of arrogant. I'm not sure, if we should keep him as pledge. But he had some good ideas for hazing... Well, we'll see!
And Andrej acted a little strange several times. I wasn't sure what's going on with him. He suddenly left us. Later I visited him at his home and he told me, that the tiger-stuff isn't the right thing for him. He just did it to please me! I felt honored and bad the same time.
Well, I enjoyed having a tiger-cub-brother and a tiger-cub-daddy, but if he doesn't feel good with it, he shouldn't do it. Too bad, but I don't want him to get b-/sad mood.

Oh, and Andrej donated a shaving-table for the bathroom. Fabulous! Of course we had to try it immediately, so Rammy and me shaved Andrej and Jeremy. We had lots of fun with it!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

hmmm.. wonder if 'pyrate' is the same guy i'm thinking of.. who had lots of interesting ideas for me.. (lol.. my memory isn't so good, can't remember everyone i talk to in SL)