Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talk, talk, talk.... and dance

What an eventful week! For Teso as well as for Franzi. Hard to make a difference as Teso is a part of Franzi and more & more tigerism takes over in 'his' character. *roarr*

So, hm... what happened? I remember dancing a lot and talking a lot. Dancing especially with my bro Spanki and - YAY! - with bro JoJo who's finally back. And another one is back: Brother Tree! Mmmmmmmm, missed him so! My shmexie horny bro. Oh, and another friend is back whom I haven't seen for almost half a year: Phillipe. I know him from those old days at the Vampire-danceclub.

What else? Been hanging around Chiaroscuro (hope this time I got it right?) with Rammy and DD and Leigh and other guys. Most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about. Seemed to me like some secret language they were talking. But I enjoyed just sitting around the (very smoky) campfire, all trying different appearances and chilling.

As Tree was there the first night, I came to Gregster's Mendance to dance with him, Spanki, Dari and - YAY! - Kenshi. We brothers stripped down to our undies (yes, I actually rarely wear undies; had to get them extra for that) and Tree - in his old manner - was busy ripping off pants from other guests. Oh, how much I missed him! *heh*

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Leigh Eel said...

I got some drier wood, so now the campfire isn't so smokey..