Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The final cut

Okay, now it shall be over!

Some down days behind me. After I could forget all the crap for a while, the depression hit back havier then ever these days. "Dear" Rickie continues spreading lies, they still play silly games like "Quag is Gabs and Rickies pet now"... how weird is that, as Quag finally admitted, that he IS Gabriels? Kinda schizo. Get help! And not enuff, they finally reached their goal that Rickie can take over Tiger's Isle. Bravo! Well done! So, get happy with it; without the tiger it's worth nothing anyways :P
So, my... I don't know, if it's immature, to take his stuff off, when you got cheated, betrayed and manipulated for months by a dirty bunch of liars... if so, then well... then I may be immature. I can live with that. To call me a thief? Hm... nice. If I'd charged all the time I spent to build the isle, pathetic Q would owe me millions of Lindens. So.. no, got no bad concious about that!
I'm just sorry for some other guys I defriended in the same breath and who seem to have no idea how much they are lied to and betrayed as well. Hm... maybe they know and just don't care? It's not my task to tell them the truth.

Anyways *taking a deep breath* - It's over now. Tiger's Isle was the last connection to Quagmire Juran. I killed it. Then I cried for half an hour on my brother's shoulders. [weird, as my RL-roomie came to say good-night and wondered, why I'm crying... How to explain that?]
I will stop reading their blogs. [And I recommend you stop reading mine, if you still do] And that's it. The whole lying and betraying bunch is out of my life.

And now it's time to leave that behind and go on to new adventures!


Darias Constantine said...

You go with your bad Tiger self, Franzi! Congratulations on making the big break! You can finally put it all behind you. Love ya, my bro-in-law.

Rickie said...

Since you will never post this because you are a coward, let me tell YOU a few things Franziskus Ninetails.

What you told me more that one time was everything you were doing was out of "Love" not for payment and recognition. Talk about a liar! HUH! All you ever wanted was praise and a pat on the shoulder, or suck of your cock...dunno really. Then take take take as many lindens as you could from Quagmire for the things you bought for HIM. I saw the transaction logs Franz. placing an object is not THAT difficult. Hell even I can do it and not for hours. That is what you did to build. Was anything an original creation? What a scam you had going and now busted for it. What you did was act like an self absorbed self serving immature not even man enough to admit your wrong doing little brat. Hmm, wonder where I have heard that?! You see Franz, your lies and deceptions caught up to you and Quagmire opened his eyes. Maybe in a wrong way, but he did and called you on it. Oh well, take your fuck toys and go home. You were nothing more than a mascot. That was it. The people you tainted with your lies and manipulations is endless. NOW you Cry? Oh give me a break! Again, I tell you to look in the mirror. Remember what you told me. All lies now because I see your actions. Actions always betray the words you speak or reinforce them. Sometimes you dink you need to think before you speak.

You are a thief if you took something that did not belong to you. PERIOD Why don't you just return it to him? Hmmm? Selfish that's why. You knew it would hurt him if you did. So you did it. Pathetic little man. Take the things placed at TI. That you were paid in full for should be returned to the Island or you should pay Quagmire back for it all. He was more than willing to remain your friend, let you stay part of the Island you two created out of "LOVE" for him. This was against my better judgment, but wouldn't stop him. Now you put the final nail in that coffin.

Now let's address my pet. Yep Quagmire and Gabs are the same but very different AVies. You never took the time to know the full person, you only took what you wanted from him and didn't want to know. So, maybe he wants two avies for different sides of his personality? Like you cannot go and be gor, you have an alt for it. MAYBE he loves me enough to give me all of himself as scared as he is about it. You can talk to My Friend JC. He has met both he knows. AND for the record Franz many of your alts, though you profess to have only two, are already known. So, you can stop with the rhetoric. Jeez, you think people are blind?

Now I shall address my role in TI. I have helped behind the scenes with the Island for a lot longer than you can imagine. I don't need to toot my horn or be any more specific. I did not ask Rod to make me co-owner. I did not ask Quagmire to make me co-owner. So you see I have nothing to gain nor lose for it being common knowledge that I am a part of TI. As for it only being successful because of you? What a F&*^ing ego!!! Stay away from TI and everything associated with it. In fact just make your new years resolution that you will stay the hell out of our lives in SL and RL. Then you can be all the poor you you want to be and all your friends can help you "get over" us "mean, manipulative, evil" people.

Pots and kettles Franziskus. If you don't know what that means ask you brothers.

Good luck in you Gor lifestyle. I know you are well suited for it. Enjoy your second life, you have let us all know your first life sucks. Life is what you make of it, your first and second and now your third. Be happy, you don't ever have to talk to me again.

BTW I won't be reading about your wonderful life anymore. I will be living mine. Thanks for the memories.

Franziskus said...

*lol* wow! I let that stand there. It's a nice addition of other lies. As I DID return all the stuff that's transfer to Q. And I wonder who - apart from my Gor-AV, my sploder-AV and my very first AV - may be. Would be nice to get to know them...
I also wonder about the "transaction" list which is only about 3 months. And if it wasn't too much work, I would compare it with the endless hours of work I did for 5 months... No, Mr. Zabaleta, Q would owe me a lot more money, if I'd count that! But you know... or better, you do NOT know... I never ASKED for money. I never ASKED for the island and I never ASKED for a club. - I also would like to know this "endless list"... but... *shrugs*

Anyways... You just confessed yourself, that you were the puppeteer behind all this betrayal. *I* know, that *I* was always honest. A thing, that neither you nor Q/Gabs could tell about themselves. And you proved it in the last weeks. So, who is going to believe you a single word?

So, *you* know the person "behind" Quag/Gabs. *hah* I don't think so. But it will be my pleasure and satisfaction to see you suffer soon.

Okay, out of my life now, you bitches. Farewell!

Quagmire said...

All I have to say and you can post or not, it is you blog,,is I made one big mistake concerning Tiger's Isle,,all prefabs and builds, I should have placed in Rod's name who has pride in his work and would have left things alone as promised in his words or gentlemans agreements..,(in sl you are only as good as your word, as we cannot shake hands or make contract, but I trusted you,,you always had the opportunity to ask for more money,, if it was about more money..And one more thing, all that meets the eye, is not how you see it. Good luck in Gor and I hope they teach you some respect there and how to respect other peoples property. And if my sleigh bed is in your inventory, can you atleast be kind enough to send it back..

Franziskus said...

Well, YOU placed NOTHING there. And Rod pride in HIS work? - Don't try to make anyone believe, that you or Rod or Rickie did ANYTHING there. - And I only took the stuff that's mine. But I will check on the bed. - And respect? Well, look at your and your "loves" actions, and then we talk again about respect...

Franziskus said...

P.S.: And to Rod as gentleman-agreement... well, we all know, that he is just another alt. Although, i don't know, if you trust yourself *heh* Checked on the sleigh-bed. No, don't have it as far as i see. I had set to "Select Only My Objects", so it's not possible, that I took it. Which one should that have been?

Rickie said...

As always you are the one who has done nothing wrong. You are above reproach in all situations. I am a puppet master? You need to be put to bed and sleep for awhile. I am happy you and Ken have come out of the closet and confessed what was known for a long time. Seems Quagmire wasn't the only one with secrets?

Time to stop your stupid game. You see Quagmire was at least HONEST to tell what he had done. You still must be the poor poor hurted kitty licking your wounds. blah And as far as I can see Rod only treated you the way you treated him? *shrugs*

Love lost is love found. Good for you and be happy in it. It is a wonderful feeling.

Franziskus said...

ROFL! As usual you have no idea what you are talking about. So you might better just shut up...

And to confess after 2 months, when the whole thing blew up anyways, *I* would *not* call "honest".

But dear, Rickie... you want to change the truth, to make yourself feel better and have an apology for your both wrong behaviour. That's fine. Just live your life and I live mine. Okay?

So, why don't you just STOP READING MY BLOG as I stopped reading yours?


Quagmire said...

Franz, i want to know, did anybody force you, ever to be with me? And I apologized both in my public blog and to you in an im for what i did to you personally, i know you don't have to accept it. If you can live with yourself for taking away Tiger Isle, then enjoy that feeling. I was never trying to make a fool of you. There is much going on that I am not allowed to talk about. I cared for you in such a different way from Wal or Rickie but you will never believe it, you are just too much worried about where the next pity-party will be or the next master you can take down will come from. This is not a comment asking for forgiveness either,,or understanding, because you are going to believe what you want to. Well here is what I say and this is the last time i look at your blog, I am young, I got in a relationship with you that was way over my head, because i thought you were cool, but what you did in your imature tantrum at tiger isle was not cool. I don't care if you live in the house i gave you and we shared, a lot of the items franz uses btw i gave him because at the time I had a 1.6 mb computer and could not place a thing on sl, I am surprized i went around for a year and a half even able to keep up with half of the chat lag. So can't turn the clock back, just learn from my mistake and move on, thank you, enjoy your new master and your party life as franz that is what you were invented for! Yours truely Chris