Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy new year and stuff like that

Franzi hasn't much to tell cause Franzi wasn't inworld very often these days. But his "twin" was... and has a lot of fun! Well, there are some aspects of Gor which are just boooooring, but most of the time it's fun, fun and fun. (and at least two of these "fun" you can replace with "sex") Nice family, nice Masters... Franzi's twin feels pretty happy after those weeks and months of emotional and physical stress. Not thinking about responsibilities and stuff... There's almost always someone in the castle and it becomes the closest thing to the "family" me once desired and almost gave up on.
The only drop of bitterness is that I miss some things... like my tail, my purring, my dances and especially my brothers and friends. And it's an interesting observance, that my twin is very shy and insecure, holding himself back a lot.... so much the opposite of tiger. But twins often differ in their character, don't they? *giggle*
So, I just spend some time with my kitten Douggie this week. Set on the rocks and talked for a while. He changed a lot from little cutie to handsome boy. Yes, they grow up... I think, I mentioned it...

So, to everyone out there: A belated "Happy New Year"

And to my brothers and those few friends who are really missing me: Give me some time. I miss you all, but this new experience is good for your brother. Love you!


Leigh Eel said...

You know what's good for you... Wishing you the best!

Justyn Maurer said...

Take your time healing tiger. Yez I do miss u and i know you will be back in your own time. *hugs n licks*

Rammy said...

Hi Franz - Happy new year! - I just wanted to add a comment - but this is just a hello from your friend Rammy. That is such a nice picture of Douggie and you. I almost don't recognize him. As always I wish you the best - (hug!)