Sunday, January 18, 2009


I don't know exactly what happened when this week. After the first exiting week in Gor, the second week was more or less booooring. So it was time for Franzi, but didn't know what to do either. Well, there WOULD be some things to do, especially clearing and sorting that mess which is called "Inventory", but couldn't find the energy.

Walked around human for a while, which seems just too strange.

Most of the time as Franzi I was talking and talking in IMs. Especially with my beloved brother Spanki. I miss dancing with him... *sigh* But there are plans to change that soon.

And I was hovering again. Oh, I just love that relaxing place! First I was floating in space alone, then I met my friend DD after a long time. He showed me Chio... chiasecc... chiocce... whateverthenameis, which is a nice place.

I loved especially the everlasting-spring spot... for fashionable reasons (the purple flowers looked so fine to my black/gray emo-outfit).... *hehe* But if that kolibri would have flied a minute longer around my head, he wouldn't have survived, I guess! (Hey, I'm a kitten after all. Don't blame me. Birds! Yummy!)

AND.... I adopted a new little brother: Rocco! Such a sweety. He says, he's a little fat cat and he wants to become a big fat cat one day. =^.^= No, he isn't fat. He's pretty and cute. I introduced him to Spanki and hope he will meet Rammy, Jojo, Justyn, Kyne and Nevie soon.

Well, and that's all so far. Apart... I was a little upset today for a certain reason. But, I listened a while to Jacquel Brel (for another certain reason) and at one song, all of a sudden I was able to let loose. And now I feel relaxed and calm and euphoric again for a long time. Some will understand, some not:

When we only have love...


Franziskus said...

When one only has love
As a give and take
At the dawn of the great journey
Of this our great love

When one only has love
My love, you and I
To make burst with joy
Every hour of every day

When one only has love
To live up to our promises
Without any other riches
Then to believe in it always

When one only has love
To furnish with wonder
And cover with light
The blight of the suburbs

When one only has love
As a sole purpose
As a sole song
And sole recourse

When one only has love
To clothe at dawn
The poor and the criminal
In mantles of velvet

When one only has love
To offer in prayer
For the suffering world
As a modest minstrel

When one only has love
To give to those
Whose only fight
Is to search for daylight

When one only has love
To trace a path
And force fate
At every crossroads

When one only has love
To speak to cannons
And only a song
To change the mind of a drum

Then without having nothing
But the strength to love
We shall hold in our hands
My friend, the entire world

Justyn Maurer said...

Ah Franzi, ever the romantic poet. Missing you brother...actually missing all mah brothers but missing ur company most =^.^= *purrrsssss* Hoping to return to SL soon.

Can't wait to meet our new little bro!

Leigh Eel said...

Hey you, haven't seen much of you lately.. here's hoping things go smoothly for ya!

(Capcha word: godmi)

Tree said...

FRANZI!! how have you been?!?!
hope to see you soon in SL...
your dear (hopefully still) brother, Tree!