Friday, February 19, 2010


These days I started to clean my friendslist. Actually I didn't want to do it as defriending seems kinda rude and the messages Linden sends out seem even ruder...

But when you are in Gor for while, your friendslist becomes endless. I don't easily befriend someone, if I don't plan to have further contact; I use the "notice" function in the profiles to remember when I met whom how. But some Goreans you have an hour +/- RP and then *whoosh* they want to befriend you... which IS nice at that moment and of course I accept... but then never ever hear from them again until I meet them somewhere on a Gor-SIM incidently anyways.

Others were on my list from times when I was dancer, host and manager... and haven't heard of them for more then a year.

So finally I decided: Off with them! Doesn't tell anything about my personal sympathy for those people.

But yesterday emerald viewer had an update. And included in that update is the function, that you can see on your friendslist who hides from you. Well, hiding is in my eyes an act of offence. It's rude and inpolite and nothing what a friend would do. You hide individually, means: you have to hide from one special person (even if you do it with all of your "friends", you have to uncheck each single one of them. But if you do that, so why befriend anyone anyways, huh?) First of all you can see if someone is online or not, when you look at his profile or you look in a group, where you both are members. So you could always be busted. Now it's just easier.
Of course each of us needs sometimes time for privacy. Maybe to be busy building or to focus on RP or to have some time to relax alone or with someone special... Yes, there are reasons, when you don't want to be bothered with IMs and party-invitations. But a real friend would understand, if you answer him "Not now. Busy. Sorry." Or something like that. And emerald even has the autoresponse-function for it in it's settings.

Of course I looked up who's hiding from me and was surprised about the six people. Well, one of them I knew he does and he's still on my friendslist. The other 5 - off with them! I'm really not the guy who bothers others with IMs and party-invitations all the time; actually I'm more one of those who's too busy with building, RP and cuddling most of the times. But I would never hide.

However, it's interesting, who does it. Take a look and maybe you will be surprised...


Teleny Macarthur said...

I agree with your sentiments, Franzi. That is why we have a "busy" button, or, as I do, a "hidden" alt. Since I've started sculpting again, I get "into" it, and jump into that personna, and it's much less rude for people to just think I'm offline, than to unclick them. Excellent post, my friend!

Jordyn Carnell said...

A post that has made me change something.. JQ is now fully visible to all his friends.. (Not that his being invisible was intended as a slight against any of them. I have yet to ignore anyone that needed to talk no matter what my settings.)

Franziskus said...

Thank you both for your comments! hugs xoxox

@JC - Yeah, JQ is THE ONE. I know about it, you told me, it's okay.

So, okay, there's always the "busy-mode", but then you're in danger to not get stuff you want to get (happened to me sometimes, shopping in XStreet and wasting the money, because it couldn't be delivered). That's why I recommend Emerald Viewer. There's a function called "Autoresponse" that works similar (but much, much better) then busy-mode, but allows you to get stuff. It also allows you to send a nice gift or a picture or anything else together with the autoresponse, which is quite nice.

Willilicious Georgette said...

i look at my friends list constantly i understand if you need time alone cool but i don't see you week on end and find out you are on and you private me or for instance i was friend-ed by someone but immediately privates me and i look them up and see there online i was like omg delete and i do that shit if they are online i want them to see it why cuz then they know they are at fault. why add me then if your going to hide i don't get that. if i don't like you i just remove you from my list. if you don't like me remove me i don't care lolz i really don't get people sometimes.