Thursday, February 11, 2010

dancing, dancing & dancing

Mommie's Dearest - which is of course me - should have been to Mommie's birthday today. But it's snowing and snowing and snowing, so didn't dare to drive the 180 miles home to family...

So, what happened the last few days? Not so much. Been online late all the time. Built a tribe's camp on Tidra, which became pretty, I think....

Monday, our usual Off-Gor-Day we were at Tainted Boys again. Always fun with bro Spanks dancing and Heloq playing... and Ado and Trace are so nice guys... Tried to take pics, but wasn't so easy to get a good pic with the usual lag in danceclubs:

Spanks, me & Kenshi (in kilts) and Heloq

mah shmexie bro Spanks
(tried to make it look like he's dancing
with the animated dancers in the background,
but didn't get the right angle)

On Tuesday I gave my bro's twin a tour to Tidra. He's so nervous and exited. Is so cute! But I'm all exited too to have my bro's twin as savage on Tidra. We will have lots of fun!

Wednesday been dancing too. And afterwards took a relaxing bubble-bath with my Kenshi before we went to bed. It's amazing how a bath in SL can relax you in RL also....

However, it doesn't make you clean in RL (if at all then messy... if you know, what I mean). That's why I have to take a RL-shower now. And then... catcha inworld!

P.S.: Who's interested in Gor ~> I wrote an article about "Boys and Bows" in the Tidra-Blog. Making some more enemies, I guess. But who cares?

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