Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday at Tainted Boys

Oki, my bros already call me "Franziskus Spielberg" or even better "Franzi Ford Coppola"... *hehe* Well, it's like RL: Give someone a camcorder and he will record EVERYTHING the next weeks. So, I'm filming, filming and filming.

Did this on monday, our usual Off-Gor-Day, where we dance at Tainted Boys with DJ Heloq and mah bro Spanks. It was HELL to record... You all know, how laggy you can become in danceclubs anyways, even with lowest graphics. But I tried ultra graphics AND to record at the same time. But I like the result. Just wished I had a faster computer and better graphic-card....

1 comment:

SpAnKi said...

awesome bro!! i love it!

Talk about Mr Spielberg, he better move over, cuz Mr Ninetails is in da directors chair!!!