Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hm, and again some time gone since I wrote in here. Was too busy doing those videos. And doing some RP. Some things happened on Tidra, but will tell about that on the other blog to not bore those who are not interested in Gorean RP.

Yesterday I gave my first items to sell on XStreet. Just some framed paintings, nothing spectacularly built.  - But I looked at "Paintings" in XStreet... Try that... and sort by price... And you will see, that some people are nuts. Like for instance this one. You see that? Just seven uploaded pics, even bad resolution... ugly frames... and that woman tries to sell it for 1.550 L$?!? Is really someone stupid enough to pay that??? Well, anyways... as I gave away mine always as gifts and already were asked several times by people, where they can BUY it, I decided to put some of them up on XStreet as a bundle. 16 gay-erotic-themed paintings in changable frames (and only ONE prim per painting instead of an extra prim for the frame) with menue to change frames and size for 99 L$... I think, that's fair. Cheaper then upload it yourself.

Hm, what else? Haven't met my family much. Kenshi, Mick and Brian fighting with connection-problems. And as it seemed finally settled, it started here. Big storm cut the connection on sunday and since then I have some issues.
Also issues I have with SL viewer 2.0 beta. Of course I was curious and tried it out, but except of the very new design which didn't let me find ANYTHING anymore, I don't see many new features. The only new feature which would make it worth would be the texture-thingens (using websites or youtube-videos as a texture on a prim)... but the problem is: Those who are NOT using the SL 2.0 (which is the majority of users) can't see it anyways. So, what's it worth? Bad thing is: Since I returned to my beloved emerald viewer I have three additional system-folders in my inventory and can't delete it. Dang!

Well, can't really concentrate atm as my mind and thoughts are with my Kenshi and two of my brothers. So I'll just post a video of an old song. I love music from the 50s, 60s & 70s. Wasn't sure, which version of this song I should post, but finally decided for the most famous one, done by "The Hollies" in 1969. Not sure, but I think the piano is played by Elton John (don't see it in the video):

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