Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my son, dancing and the ant-toes

Again I haven't written for a while, but was very busy doing RP. Surprisingly I became proud father of an 18 year old son. You can read the story here.

Had some really good RP and a lot is happening on Tidra, which keeps me busy all the time.

Yesterday been the first time dancing again for three weeks. Took my son with me and introduced him to his uncle Spanki and to Heloq and some friends there. Was a funny party as it was St. Carrots Day and we were all carrying big carrots. Don't ask! *giggles*

Somehow we ended in a discussion, if ants do have feet or not. The answer is: YES! They have. And not only feet, they even have tiny little toes. So cute!

Anyways... ended in pajama-party at cottage with family, falling asleep at the fire-place. Good days I have, but missing mah Kenshi a bit, who's away for some weeks. *sniefs*

Heh - Many peoplez are converting now to the X4 cock. I should get commision from XCite for advertising! But yesh, it IS good!

Well, gotta run. Just wanted to mention the ant-toes. Have to go to the radiogo... errr... ralido... oh man! the doctors with the X-rays! *eeeeech* Hate doctorz. That's why I pushed it away for 5 weeks now. But it's time... *sighs* Grrrr, RL!


Teleny Macarthur said...

Dear Franzi..... I think I laughed more last night over those damned "ant toes" than I have in a LONG time! It was lovely meeting my new "great nephew kinda sorta", too! Nice kid! Was Great to see you, and if you DO get to contact Kenshi, give him my love, as well!

Jordyn Carnell said...

all my aunts have feet.. how would this ever be in question? (not sure about toes though)