Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate SL 2.0 beta

Two or three weeks ago - curious kitten I am - I tried the new beta-viewer from SL. I think I talked about that yet. The only cool thingens there is using videos and websites as textures, but what's that good for, if only other SL 2.0 beta users could see it? Everything else is just crap. A design where you don't find anything anymore... nothing at it's place... and double-loading of stuff in your inventory, what lags people like me with big inventory even more down. So, off with that crap of my harddisc and back to emerald.

But since then my emerald is weird also. I got those unnecessary system-folders now in my inventory and can't delete it. I hope Linden is working on that soon to make it possible to delete them. There are also now all calling cards from my friendslist in a subfolder of my calling card folder (hint: To keep 100s of calling cards there lags you down also, because all the profile-information is loaded too. delete them!). Grrrrrrrr!

However, I finally found one positive thing which lets me get rid of the annoying "Library". Here it is:

Go to "advanced"
there to "Debug Settings"
there type in "NoInventoryLibrary"
set to TRUE
restart your viewer

And *tadaaaaaa* no more annoying "Library". \o/ YAY!!!! \o/


Misha said...

i tried it for 10 minutes and went right back to emerald. the lindens should just worry about making things run better rather than adding thing to lag us down more

Teleny Macarthur said...

Yah, I tried it too, and went immediately back to the standard viewer, as I never really likes the extra lag issues with Emerald either. I dunno. My new BF absolutely LOVES the Beta version, but he is quite young. Maybe I just couldn't wrap my feeble old brain around it. LOL!