Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Been a bit a weird time, but slowly it calms down. This monday we missed our dance at Tainted Boys. Logging in too late and then was looking for that stump-Freebie my bro Spanki told of in his blog. Just the moment I arrived there it said "Next letter is "F" " and I panicked... cause I didn't see anything... and then I saw, but there were so many rooms... and I was hurrying searching for the fortune-chair... but try to search for a fortune-chair in a FURNITURE-shop!!!... there were right 3 egg-chairs at the entrance and me thinks "Which one? which one?!?" hopping from one foot to the other... but they were for sale, not for fortune... so, finally last minute I found the fortune-chair, which wasn't actually a chair but a board. And yes, gotcha, sucker! *hehe* Next letter was "T", so teleported Tel in. And next was "R" like Rickie. And then "G" like Gregster... and so on. We got a bit a crowd there. Started to talk with Gregster about RP... and somehow time flew... So, long sentence short: Was much too late for dancing then.

But the stump is really nice. After getting some dancing at Zeus on tuesday Kenshi and me sat at the beach, watching the sunset, me reading, he relaxing... then he reading and me looking over his shoulders... That's was so calm and nice and peaceful. Liked it very much after those weird, emotional days!

A special thanks to my bro Spanks who spent time with me and us last week in those dark moments. And I still giggle about Judi Dench in the movie "Ikea"... and yes, Rammy is absolutely right: She deserved an Oscar for it! (Gee, if anyone would make a GOOD movie with the title "Ikea", I think it deserved every Oscar it's nominated for!)

Talking of Oscars - It was the very first time I can think of, that I missed the Oscar-night. *sob* Especially as Christoph Waltz won it for best supporting role. And really, he was awesome in "Inglorious Basterds"!

Hm, should write in the Tidra-blog, but don't have the nerve for it. And would like to write something about onlinisms in Gor. Like yesterday again I met someone who always used "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes", which it isn't. The first time I bit my tongue, but the second time I couldn't help it to comment, that it makes my toe-nails wrinkle. People using terms like "Urth" and "Servery" and "Aii" to emphasize their "Goreanism"... and it's so wrong. Just wrong. Earth is earth. Most Goreans with second knowledge (high casts) know about Earth and know how it's spelled. "Urth" is only used to show how it's spoken. The same with "Ko-lar" instead of "Collar". And "servery" is just an invention; it's "kitchen", simple like that. And "Ai" is only used as an expression of surprise or fright... "Aii" to my knowledge only once, before the person got his throat ripped out by a Kur. So, the use of "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes" (if you have to do it, then at least use "Aye") just shows, that you know nothing about the books. And that so many in SL-Gor use it, doesn't make it righter.

Oh well, now I wrote more about it then I wanted to. *heh* Anyways.. time for dinner. I think I saw a mousey there in the corner..... *whooosh*

Did you hear it's squueking  "Aiiiiiii" before I had it in my claws?


Teleny Macarthur said...

Yus, yus I DID hear the "Aiiiii" squeek, Franzi-kitteh! And that stump was/is really kewl! TY SO much for the tp, and Tonio really enjoyed meeting you. Your photos here are really sweet... very peaceful.. I LOVE seeing you and Kenshi together. And we all need to get together again, and soon@

SpAnKi said...

hehe, I am gonna write the theme music for the movie 'Ikea'. Wonder if Will Young will sing it for us? lol

*hugs to you and Kenshi*
you are there for me bro, in my dark moments, just the same. Love you.

Its good you write this stuff about the Gor language or wat isn't good to say becuz as you kno as a noob in Gor I am like a sponge sucking up good and bad information equally, not knowing the difference unless someone explain. I heard that word 'servery' alot, and said it too, feeling very clever at knowing the correct word hehehe. Seen 'Urth' too, and 'Aye', which I think you say is ok, but I prolly will stick with yes. I'm gona get reading that stuff you sent this weekend too.

So glad you like the reading stump!
*huggies n liccks*

Justyn Maurer said...

Lucky you got that reading stump first go, I had to wait like 2 friggin hours for J to come up.

That list bit was funny, I nearly missed it and had to look again to read're still that lovable tiger *purrrrrz*