Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and such

 So, finally 2010 is almost over. And I have to say: I won't miss that year much! Some good things happened what I'm thankful for, first of all some new friendships and the opportunity and experience to build Tidra. But some bad stuff happened - RL and SL, so I'm not sad, this year is over. Dunno if 2011 will get better though, but atm I'm fine.

So, this week was a busy week after I got my computer back. Building a new home on Earth, which is becoming quite nice. Here are some pice of River and me hanging around at the pool at our new home:

The house itself still needs to be furnished. Well, it was furnished already, but it needs the "personal touch". But I don't want to rush. My inventory is still a mess and I'm sure, when I sort it, I will find a lot which I would like to place in the house. So one step after the other...

The same with our new place in Hrimgar. I'm the new harbormasterin the northern Thorvaldslander village and looking forward to a lot of RP. Changed my looks a bit for IC:

 And yesterday was my 3d rezzday. Oh my! 3 years SL, that's like 90 years RL or so. I wanted to go dancing with my lil sunshine River, but of course as usual: When you don't need it, you get 1000s of party-invitations, but if you WANT to go dancing, everything's closed! So we finally ended in a private nekkie pool-party, inviting Conny, Tel, Derren and Rammy over. Oh, and a guy (faun?) called Rian, a friend of Rammy.

 I was very quiet as I wasn't in the best mood. But I won't talk here publicly about the reason for that. However, I think the New Year will start with some changes...

So, I wish everyone out there a Happy New Year! kisses and hugs xoxox

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