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Today in the longhall

 Sometimes I have my doubts what I'm doing at all in Gor. But in moments like this, sometimes when you don't expect it at all, you have great RP when you meet other RPers with the same love and skills for RP. So, today a kur and his pet visited Hrimgar (unfortunately I forgot to take a pic!), and this was happening. This actually is a chat-log. I just corrected the names here and there and some typos, everything else was emoted like you read it here:

Felina, the bondmaid, she shivered deeply as she felt the massive digits running down her mane. Taking on a tone of sweet bravery, she turned and faced the Kur. Her warm velvet lips parted to ask: "My Lord, if you would let me off the chain....I could get some drinks."
Shock, a jarl of Hrimgar, nods his head and laughs, brushing a few specks of dust off his tunic before he makes his way futher inside.
"So... Let us settle in and talk about trade.", the ruby haired Jarl motions toward the tables, "Just be careful where you sit... Some of the benches have seen better days from the last batch of brawls."
Krael, the kur, growls in approval to his pet, reaching down to unfasten the chain on her collar after stroking thick digits along her cheek. "Mead for me, mine, and get the men what they want." He nods to the man with a grunt, "Thank you, I will take care not to break things.....too badly".
Shock glances toward Felina and smiles, "I do not require anything at the moment, girl... But please feel free to serve any of our mead or food." The Jarl makes his way to an empty bench and seats himself. He waves to Dar: " Come Dar, I wish for you to hear this since your father is the Harbor Master."
A spot of desperate hope appeared in the bondmaids emerald eyes as the huge Kur took the chain from her collar and let her move about. But her hope for escape was quickly dashed as she spotted just how close the drinks were. A soft sigh danced from her lips as she turned and acknowledged the statement from the Jarl. Her eyes roamed to the other man with a questioning glance as she spoke: "And for you Jarl?"
"Nothing, I dont drink much.", answers Dar, the harbourmaster's son.
Meanwhile Shock brings his attention to Krael: "So, tell me... What do you wish to trade?"
The kur settles onto the bench carefully, easing his massive weight down as the wood creaks under him, ready to move quickly in case it collapses. A feral grin spreads on his maw as he settles in and the bench holds his weight before turning to the man that sat beside him. "My clan always seeks information about the enemy, that is our main interest in trade. We have wealth to offer in payment for such information, of course, and the humans that are of assistance to us wouldn't be considered as potential prey."
In the corner of the longhall the bondmaid Felina nodded her head as she turned to face the selection, silken tresses kissing down along her back with her movements. Stretching upwards, she pressed up onto tip toe and tugged down the largest horn she could find. Quickly filling it with mead from the barell, she wrapped both her hands about it and turned back towards the table. Her teeth grazed against the inside of her bottom lip as she slowly approached the Kur. Her heartbeat hammering wildly in her chest as she moved her arms out in front of her and offered Him the full horn that was cuddled between her small palms.
Darion sat still on the bench, listening carefully the conversation between Krael, the kur, and Shock of Hrimgar.
Shock stretches out his neck by shifting his head from side to side, grinning impishly at Krael's words while he settles into the padded seat. "Well, if your enemies turn out to be our enemies I do not see how it would be a problem... As for payment for such services, I am curious on what you would have to provide."
Krael grunts low with pleasure watching his pet move around the kitchen, dark eyes gleaming with possesssive pride. His gaze remains locked on her as she crosses back to him, huffing out a low laugh as she nibbles on her lip as he reaches out to take the horn, his massive paw dwarfing the vessel as it's taken from her small hands. His thick right arm reaches out, settling around her curved waist to keep her close to his side as he raises the horn for a drink of the sweet mead before addressing the man again: "Hmmmm, gems, coin, trade items we have taken from other humans that weren't as.....cooperative. Things can be negotiated if the information is what we seek."
Shock taps his fingers along the heavy table, nodding his head as the Kur finishes speaking. "So, which of your enemies did you want information about?" He lets his emerald eye rest on the large male beside him, "Hopefully they are not a city or village that we hold an alliance with."
Felina was releived as the horn left her fingers as she had hopes of wandering about the longhouse while the others seemed distracted in conversation. But again her hopes were dashed as before she could move away, the iron grip of the Kur's muscular arm enclosed about her waiste. Stiffling the yelp that struggled to lift from her heavily chained throat, she pulled in a deep breath and settled against His side. His fur warm and luxurious against her tender skin as her form almost dissappeared into the depths of it. Finally relaxing a bit, she tuned out the conversation and let her fingers begin to toy lightly with the long braids of hair that decorated Him.
Krael grunts low to the man, lowering the horn after a deep drink, dark eyes gleaming as he huffs out a rumbled laugh, shaking his massive head. "I doubt they are allies of yours, our enemies are those that rule the humans of the south.....the priest kings....any information you may have or come by on them or the ones in white that serve them will be richly rewarded." He growls low to his pet, lifting her in a massive arm to settle on the table before him, letting her rest and relax as his paw strokes slowly along the length of her branded thigh, tracing the mark he placed there himself with the tip of one claw.
Franziskus, the harbourmaster, enters the longhall and stops abruptly right in the entrance as a strong musk scent reaches his nostrils immediately. His eyes trying to adjust to the dimmed light in the longhall.. don't need long to find the source of the strong smell. He stares at the big furry body sitting at the table. His hand sliding in reflex to the hilt of his axe, but hestitates as he sees the kur beast in peaceful negotiations with Shock . Without looking behind him he kicks the doors close with his boots. Not raising his hand he mumbles a suspicious "Tal....", his eyes fixed on the kur for some long ihn, before his gaze wanders to Shock looking at him quizzically.
Darion smiles to see his father enter the longhall, he stands for a short time to greet him: "Tal, father!"
Shock reaches up and runs his fingers through his own hair, "Actually, I believe wo do conduct some trading in the South... But here is the man that could better help you with that." The red haired Jarl smiles and offers Franziskus a nod in greeting, "Tal Harbor Master... We have a visitor interested in trade, though his interest is mostly within information we can provide."
Franziskus nods to his son. His hand still on the hilt of the axe he steps a bit closer to the tables opposite the beast.
A soft whimper of distress slipped from Felina's throat as the huge Kur lifted her and laid her onto the table like a rag doll. She figured the less she moved, the less risk she would have of getting clawed. So with that thought in mind, she let her head slowly ease down to rest on the natural pillow of her mane.
As he sees his father sit at the opposite side, Darion stands up again and joins his father to sit at his side side.
Krael lifts his gaze hearing the door open, muzzle wrinkling back to take in the scent of the man that entered, a low snarl rumbling in his throat as he sees the man's hand move to the hilt of his axe, fur rippling over his massive frame as he tenses, prepared to fight and destroy if needed. His paw clenches tight around the horn as he studies the human carefully ad rumbles out, "Greetings, human, I am Krael of the 6Claws. I come for information and trade, not to damage your village." He turns his attention back to the red haired man with a nod at his mention of trade in the south, grunting, "Yes, that is when information can be gathered."
Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows in surprise at Shock's words: "Trade?", then stares at the beast again. He tilts his head a bit, inspecting the creature in a mix of kuriousity ((*smile*)), caution, anxiety and hostitlity. He takes a deep breath and finally nods "Well met then... Krael of the 6claws.... I'm Franziskus, the harbourmaster of Hrimgar". His body relaxes a bit, taking his hand from the hilt of the axe, but still ready to draw it within an ihn, knowing well how fast those beasts can be in their attacks. He sits down on the cushion, glad his son changed the tables. Looking from the beast to Shock and back he asks: "What kind of... information are you looking for, Krael?"
Darion sees his father's cautious glance, his hand moving under the table to reach his sword.. guarding and ready for any attack against his father.
Krael settles his massive paw over the brand on his pet's thigh, the warmth of his palm radiating against her skin as his fingertips stroke the soft flesh gently. A feral grin stays on his gaping muzzle as the man introduces himself, the scents of anxiety and hostility coming from him in waves, used to that kind of reaction from humans. His furry shoulders shift in a shrug, settling his air-gun, axe, and shield more firmly into place as he looks across to the other table with a low grunt, "As I was telling this man here, my clan always seeks information about our enemies...the ones called the priest kings, and their servants, the initiates. Any that provide us with such are richly rewarded and will be considered useful, not seen as prey."
Franziskus feels a cold shiver running down his spine as the beast's lips draw back in the attempt to imitate a human smile, bearing the sharp fangs. He clears his throat and takes another deep breath before he answers: "You will understand after the happening in Svein Bluetooth's longhall many, many years ago, a kur is not likely to be seen in a longhall." - After this mix of explanation and apology he takes another deep breath, before he continues "However, I'm not a big friend of initiates... and doubt, that they are really acting in the name of your enemies, the priest kings... But we are in trades with some of the southern cities, so that is a delicate matter to negotiate."
{Dar at this point had to go afk}
Felina shifted quietly under the heavy gentleness of His strokes to her thigh. The branded wound there now completly healed back to tender skin. Her eyes opened slowly for a moment as she examined His face, always amazed at how calm he was in the face of any danger. She glanced timidly about the room at the faces of the men for a moment, and before doing anything that would get her into trouble, she just turned back to the Kur and let her head settled down once more.
The kur grunts low, nodding to the harbor master at his explanation, shaking his massive head and waving a paw in the air, "Those events were.....unfortunate, but actions of wilder kurii than we of the ships. I was telling this man here this is my first time in a hall without humans running and screaming, I am enjoying it....for now." A low rumble of pleasure fills his throat as he strokes his pet's smooth thigh with possessive pride, "Not all of us are ravaging beasts. As for negotitating, we do not ask for you to attack southern cities, merely listen to what is said, and if anything of interest is mentioned, inform us of it."
The harbourmaster with a quick sidelook recognizes his son fallen asleep right at the table. A short smile brushing his lips.. proud that his son even in the face of danger finds the peace and calm to just fall asleep. He can't help sliding his fingers proudly through his son's hair, before he turns his attention back to the beast.
The rumbling of the Kur's voice would not quite let the slavegirl drift off into a full petted sleep. The warmth of the cracking fire at her back added to her comfort and aided in keeping her still under the Kur's touch. Thinking on the conversation that the men had had with the Kur, and in knowing really how generous this particular Kur could be, her eyes lowered to the small pouch of jewels that hung from His belt. Her voice soft as she spoke to Him: "My Lord, perhaps some...encouragement..would be motivating for the men?"
Franziskus Ninetails nods at the kur's words and the explanation of the air-gun on the table which he haven't seen yet with the other, the savage kurii of Gor. "Hmmm.... as harbourmaster I'm often visiting other cities, also those in the south ... trades mostly... So, I hear the one or other thing... rumours... but, as I said before - I doubt, that the Initiates really know about the nature of priest kings". He bites his lips, not sure, if he haven't said too much already, as his Northern countrymen don't believe in the existence of PKs anyways... After a short hestitation he continues "So, what goods do you have to offer for information? And... in case we make a deal... how and where would we reach you?"
Shock glances down at his right boot, idly tugging on a few of the straps while he listens in to the conversation. The red headed Jarl lifts an eyebrow as the blond slave girl speaks, shifting his gaze down to the pouch resting on the kur's belt for a brief moment before he gazes into the fire once again.
Krael rumbles softly in approval to his pet, her intelligence in such matters being one of the many reasons he chose to keep her, thick fingers tightening in a gentle squeeze on her thigh before his paw slips away and reaches to the small pouch on his belt, one claw pulling it open to reach inside to withdraw a ruby the size of a human thumbnail, holding it up to let the firelight sparkle on the cut face of the gem. He looks to his pet and gestures her to rise from the table, dropping the gem into her hand with a nod towards the harbor master, "Consider this a token of my appreciation at the welcome here, and if the information you gather can be of use, more can be offered of course. If we do make arragenments, I or my pet can come here to find out what you've heard."
The harbourmaster's eyes follow the ruby that sparkle in the light of the fire... follow it's way from the big, hairy paws into the slave's small hand. For a short moment he forces his glance away from the gem over to Shock, trying to read in his facial expression any hint for his thoughts about the matter, then turns his eyes back to the slavegirl as she rises to bring the ruby over to him.
The girl took a moment to enjoy the beauty of the stone as it fell into her timely extended palm. Carefully she rose off the table and eased to her booted feet. Her mane kissed lighty about the swell of her hips as she moved cautiously to the Harbor Master. She never dared to close her palm for she knew the Kur would not take His eyes off the precious gem and she knew better than to conceal it from Him. Keeping her movements slow and natural, she approached him and extended her arm in such a way that the ruby glinted in the light of the fire.
The kur rumbles low in approval as he watches his pet move across to the other table, possessive pride shining in dark eyes as they roam the length of her thick mane and travel down her form before focusing on the gleaming gem she holds in her hand and offers to the man, watching to see his reaction to the intial token of payment.
Franziskus' glance follows the slavegirl, his guts tighten a bit at the thought, that the kurii keeping their pets to devour them sooner or later. The old Earthian saying 'You eat with your eyes first!', running through his mind and he can't help to acknowledge the good taste of the beast. As the girl reached him, he reaches his hand out, palm upward, waiting for the slave to place the ruby in it.
The kur's pet carefully turned her palm over slowly to let the valuable gem roll from her palm into the man's extended one. Keeping her eyes low, she retracted her arm and without a word she turned and moved back to the side of the Kur.
Krael grunts low seeing the exchange happen, nodding to his pet as she returns to his side, thick right arm reaching out to encircle her waist and pull her to press against his side as he looks over to the harbor master, "Kurii can be generous in our dealings with humans, if the dealings benefit us"
The harbormaster nods to the slavegirl with a warm smile as she place the gem in the palm of his hand. He turns and ... holding the ruby between index and thumb... holds it against the fire, adoring for some ihn the red sparkles as he inspects it with a skillful eye. Finally he nods and places the gem carefully before him on the table "This is a very generous offer indeed! I will talk with the High Jarl about it. That's all I can promise for now, Krael"
He adds with a smile "You will understand that we here in the North had troubles with your savage brethren for many years. So it's not easy to trust"
{Unfortunately I soon had go to dinner at this point, so finish it quickly}
The doors went open and Franzi's slave River entered the longhall.
Krael nods to the man across the table with a grunt of agreement, understanding that humans have the need to confer with each other before making decisions, "Yes, speak with you leader as you must, I or my pet will come for word on your decision"
Franziskus Ninetails's eyes flicker for a moment to the door as his slave enters the longhall. Knowing his boy's history.. being abducted from earth by kurii.. he frowns and sends hims with a growled command back to his chores "Hush, mine! You have work to do!", he shoos him away
"Yes, my master", answers the boy and hurries back out, his eyes drifting once again to the huge beast
Franziskus stands up and grabs the ruby on the table. "As I said.. I will talk to the High Jarl about it. You might send a mesenger within the next days. For now, please excuse me... work is waiting for me at the docks". He stretches with a sigh.
The kur rises from the bench and attaches the leash to his pet's collar, nodding to the man, "Farewell, Franzikus, we will speak again soon!"
Shock glances up when everyone begins to take their departure, "Safe paths to you all."
Krael turns a feral grin to the red haired man, "Farewell, Shock, I will return in a few days to see what information you have"
Franziskus nods "Safe paths, Krael.", he winks to Shock and with a last look at his sleeping son turns to the doors to hurry to the docks in hope his boy prepared a good dinner for him.......

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