Friday, February 11, 2011

... and busy week

okay, okay, okay - I had promised to tell more about the RPs on monday... but then there were on tuesday and wednesday and thursday... - Just too busy, but at least it's fun. Trying to keep running some storylines. Most of Gorean RP is just pew-pew or OOC talk or sex. Still got the hope, that one day more people will come together in big, interactional RP-storylines.

Soooo, this were the ongoings: On monday first the daughter of Eilly - one of the thieves-group in Hrimgar - almost drowned. It was fun to RP, how we carried her to the Healer's house.....

 ...  got her a hot tub, a healer, the drama with her fiance (as far as I understood) etc. - Not such a big event, just a nice little RP, but I liked it much, as almost the whole group RPed together and everyone was busy with something.

After she was treated well, I sat in the longhall with the healer to discuss the purchase of a slave with him. But as we were just about it, the gulls at the docks cried loud and we went outside to take a look. And there he was again: The kur and his pet and a larl (okay, looked more like a dog/wolf. larls are feline... I think meanwhile she changed the AV*).

*) correction - my fault! It said "lart", not "larl". Explains it all!

He's really impressive! - Who doesn't know, what a kur is (plural kurii): They are werewolf-like creatures on Gor. They are the enemies of the Priest Kings. A alien race who tries to conquer Gor as well as Earth. The wars between kurii and PKs is going on for aeons. Some of their spaceships crashed on Gor and the PKs - for what reason ever - allow the surviving kurii to stay, but destroy the technology. --- However, this kur - Krael - is one of the kur of the ships. A more "civilized" version then the savage kurii, but still dangerous of course. They prefer eating human flesh....

So, Krael had "summoned" me two days before, for the information about the initiates he asked for. I had neither the time, not information yet, not did I like to be "summoned".. however, I wasn't there yet, so he came again to Hrimgar. Had to tell him, that our High Jarl still is missing on travels... so he just had his human pet treated by the physician (she was attacked by a man) and then I brought him to the docks.

Who didn't join us on the way to the docks was the larl. It kept missing. Prolly it found a larl-companion in the mountains? However, the very next day the storage of all the meat in the butcher-house was devoured and a lot of traces of larl-paws were to see in the snow. Now we had to eat fish the next days...

So, for obvious reasons (did I mention they are dangerous?) I didn't want to anger the kurii. I don't think we would be able to fight a war with those mighty beasts, especially as we are very few armed Free atm in Hrimgar.
Plan A: Find an initiate, capture him and drag him to the kurii. May they do with him whatever they want. I for myself doubt that the initiates have the slightest idea of the nature of the PKs. And the Torvies believe in Odin and the Northern Gods, not in the PKs (of course I know better, but... ). So we'd have not much mercy with the initiates anyways. The problem is just: The initiates are rare. GOOD initiate-RPers even rarer. In most SIMs the temples are Safe Zone and the initiates sacrosant. As soon as you'd down one, they'd cry and whine "Invalid! Invalid!" and ban you from their SIM. Which of course is nonsense! Read "Marauders of Gor"! Damnit! - However I tried to make a few steps in this storyline:

I went disguised to Tabor, broke into the temple, searched it but found nothing.

Well, at least I found a "painting".....

..... cut it out of it's frame ....

So I at least have the painting to show the kurii and prove that I'm busy in this mission. Better then nothing.

Of course, as I already thought, there came zero reaction from there. I'd sent them the notecard of the stealing of the painting, but nothing, zero, nada. It's quite a shame - such a big cluster, but no people willing to RP!

However, my search will continue, but if not successfull soon, we will go over to...

.. Plan B: Find a good RPer, who has not in his RP-limits that his hair is too valuable to be cut off... Capture him, shave his head, stuff him in white clothes, wrap him in a rug and deliver him like once ol' Lizzy as Cleopatra to Caesar Rex Harrison... I mean, to Krael. Of course he will deny, that he is an initiate, but who else but a true initiate would deny that he is one when he faces danger?
Sooner or later the kurii will find out, that they were cheated, so we will have to prepare for war anyways. But if nothing else helps it will give us time!

We will see, how this story is going on. On another travel I finally found someone to trade some goods. I needed paga, as I don't like mead much. And I also wanted to bring one barrel to a group of outlaws who once had captured my lil sunshine, but treated him nice and released him without a trade. But somehow our ship must have wandered off course and we landed on a dangerous, unpleasent island. We searched around for a while... it was really scary with skeletons along the pathes.... But we found an unguarded butcher-shop and - voila! - we have meat again! :-)

We RPed, how we got the meat on the ship, but only the bigger pieces as we didn't trust the smaller ones (remember: Human skeletons!), put it all on ice. Left a picture with the robbed store (well, actually I left a silver tarsk on the counter, so I'm not a thief), a LM and a notecard with the story. ---- It was all sent back without any reaction. *sighs* But anyways, our supplies are filled again and I nailed some wood before the butcher-house, so it's safe from larls.

I think that was all about RP so far. Except from the kur I have my doubts that any of the other RPs will in any way be answered. But it was worth a try.


Another thing I was busy this week was building a basement on our earth-parcel. Well, the basement is in the sky for doing other kind of RP (winks), but I think it's becoming quite nice. Maybe I should sell it for some L$:


Well, that's all for today, folks! I wish everyone a nice weekend!


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Misha said...

wow you had a great week, it shows that hrimgar is working. Now all we need to do is get more free to play.