Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a bit exhausted

Whew! The last days were exhausting... not only because of RL-work on weekends...

On saturday we took a bit off-Gor time. (Pic above is a bit older, me and my boy kissing at our beach) Put my boy in shackles and gag and RLV... and explored some SIMs. You can read about it on his blog.

Sunday after my work we been a bit OOC-dancing at Tabor. It's always good to relax after the long working-weekend. There's not much going on, so I can dance, listen to the music, and be busy in IMs without caring about the open chat.

Returned to Hrimgar then - though we hadn't planned to, but been asked for help. The city was under attack again by panthers. *sigh* Gosh! What's up with those panthers? All they can do is pew-pew. It's so damn unrealistic. It was never heard of, that a panther-tribe would attack a city or village. They might sneak into an open camp at night - that's true. But not dare to attack a whole village.
And in SL-Gor they are just a pain in the ass. Most of them attack without any RP, often cheating too.. because they just can't loose. This time they DID loose although they were cheating (TP out from our harbour, TP in from the neighbor-SIM to attack from behind; then again TP out from our harbour, just to TP in to the farmlands on the other side.... Hm, that reminds me, if we don't have a rule about leaving a battle via TP and the time you have to wait before you can return.). It was all very messy and at the end called invalid anyways and their whole tribe was banned.

Monday was quiet most of the time. Earlier the day Eilly - the leader from the thieves camp - and me met a man at the docks. He looked very suspicious, didn't sheath his bow as he was asked to... finally ran away and we after him, but lost him in ST. However, two slavegirls recognized him and told us he was an assassin.  - Now THAT would be a storyline. If he was really sent for one of us? To figure out, who had hired him for whom. etc. --- But I doubt, that he comes back. Too bad.

Later the day then very quiet. After I sent my boy to warm the furs, I just set on top of the lighthouse, relaxing and enjoying the view.

After a while Endy called me and I visited him so he could show me his garden and his house. Nice garden it is...

I loved that stump. Have to get it for our garden (which I plan in a skybox on our earth-parcel) too. River will love it. Reminds me, tha I soon wanted to get pictures of us, but I never reach the photographer I do have in mind. :-(

Well, after monday was a more quiet and relaxing day, the next day - tuesday - was a mess! I didn't know, where to start first. There was RP about the kurii to do... information I needed to know IC (as most of my readers know now: I do not like OOC information in a storyline. What doesn't happen IC, doesn't happen at all). Then friends wanted to come to visit and look at the village. At the same time the thieves started some shit with the neighbor-lands: Silver Tree. I didn't know what happened and to be honest: I wasn't much interested. When they go around and steal things or slaves, it's their problem. We have a kind of silent agreement, that they won't steal in Hrimgar, and therefore we don't bother them. But they always start some shit and then we are expected to help. That's IC not the best for the reputation of an honorable city/village, so I'm not too happy with those happenings.
Anyways - it was quite a mess. At the same time the thieves were starting a fight with the neighbors, I was trying to lead my guests through the clouds of arrows up to the village, at the same time as a savage was trying to RP and at the same time another friend visited for a trade. Oh, and a baker-woman arrived too, which I wanted to win for the village. - So, the thieves pew-pew killed at least 4 different storylines of RP, potentially good RP, at least the kind of RP *I* am in Gor for. So, I wasn't happy about that. My guests left, the merchant left, the savage left and the baker logged off. *sigh*

The good thing that day was to finally meet my bestie Teleny again. We haven't met for a while... both too busy. We played "I show you mine and you show me yours" *heh* No, not what YOU think! He showed me his new house he built.  Really nice built. I'm so envious that he has the time for building. I need to take more time for it too. Then I showed him my basement and he agreed, that I should sell it. Well, soon have to see, that I renew the "store" on marketplace. Since it changed from XStreet to Marketplace my products are not found easily, I think. At least I didn't sell anything anymore since the change. So I'm going to renew it all.
Well, that's it for today. We will see what today brings...

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Endy said...

*hug* sorry that your RPs were effected :(