Thursday, February 17, 2011

The promotion

I thought long about this, but finally I decided to do it, cause he deserved it: Yesterday I promoted River, my lil sunshine, to first boy in the chain.

My other boys are rarely there these days (all vanished - AGAIN!). And to be honest: He deserves it the most. He's in charge of the docks, when I'm not present; he cares for the house, the animals.. working really hard day by day. So it was time for this reward!

I wanted to do it more ceremonial, but then we were interrupted by a weirdo attacking us at the docks (knocked him down within some seconds) and then a hunt on a panther-girl... and as I finally reached the longhall, everybody - including my boy - was about to log out, so I had to hurry. But a nice ceremony for it will come... and maybe some more surprises. *grins mysteriously*


Derren Nexen said...

Yay! He does deserve it! I'm very happy for you both :)

Endy said...

Yay for River :oD

Teleny Macarthur said...

Congratulations to you both!