Wednesday, August 17, 2011


19 Meeroos now + 1 as pet in the beachhouse + 9 nests. As I came today to the store, they were all sleeping in one BIG bundle. For the pic I had to move them without waking them. Gosh! They'r so cute! Maybe we're lucky and one day will get one by coincidence with a special coat? But not forcing it. I think the only one who really earns money with those lil carpet crawlers, is the creator who sells also the food.

I named mine after "Our Gang" (lil rascals): Alfalfa, Farina, Darla, Sunshine Sammy, Deborah... Endy named his in alphabetical order. And River his all with "J".

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Endy said...

So how does mr Roo fit in?

Endy grins Evily