Monday, August 8, 2011

update update update

Not posted for another week, so it's time for some updates....

* From here to eternity *

I almost finished sorting my inventory. Except... textures... which will be another 20.000 to sort.

Sorting out my poseballs I found this one...


.... and set it out on our beach. Love it! Reminds me of the movie "From here to eternity".

Would have liked to work on this pic a bit, but don't have the time for it.

* Firestorm *

Struggling with the next generation of Phoenix-viewer which is called Firestorm. I don't like it much. Though it seems to be more stable, it also seems much slower in rezzing textures and I DO NOT FIND ANYTHING! *growls*

* Savage Tales *

Snake spent some time with his tribe-brothers Giani and Gim. After they had to leave Tidra and followed the "guardians" (Franzi & co...) to the cold north, they first tried to settle down in a cave in Kalana Fjord. But they were not welcome there, so they moved on. Now they are in the neighbor-SIM where - after some confusing and misunderstandings in the beginning - they were welcomed warmly. They found a nice little cave, neighboring a kur ("talking beast" as they call it), busy with hunting, eating and trading a lot.

* Nutri Life System *

We're giving up on the NLS! Just today another market opened. Offering things they "harvest". Black wine beans, bazi tea, salt... Yes, according to the books they grow so much in the cold north... Not!
It just doesn't make sense to RP a trader, travelling all over Gor to buy cheap here, sell expensive there, when people can just collect the stuff along the boardwalks wherever they are and then offer it all for free.
So I will pull down our marketstalls and use it from now on only for our private needs like cooking, eating and drinking. No trading anymore.
The thought of the system isn't bad. But people are people. They all want to be independent and nobody really WANTS to RP with the goods in a REASONABLE way. It would need better control. But the creator it seems is only interested in making money and doesn't care any further about it.
We created a group to support a more reasonable use of the system, but I don't think it's worth to waste time, energy and nerves.
* The Shop *

I changed the design of my shop. I liked it very much before, but as I mostly sell Gorean houses and stuff, I made it more appropriate now. I wished I could drag more customers in... What's the nicest built worth, if people don't see it?

* The Meeroo-invasion *

It all started with Mr. Roo.... And now we got.. I think 12 13 1415161718 meeroos running around!

Yeah, they are cute, but somehow they remind me of the "tribbles" in Star Trek. I think they make even the same chirping sounds. :-)

Well, I got two for myself. Babies from my boys' tribbles meeroos. But really.. enough is enough! All following offspring is going to be sold. Period.

But hell, they are really cute, aren't they?


Hm, I think that's it for today. Hope I didn't forget any news. I really should get used to write the news every day...


Endy said...

Endy gulps "No more meeroos?... oh oh....."

Rammy said...

ah the trouble with tribbles! - who would have known that something so trivial as an episode of a crazy TV show would have tapped into a concept that will live forever in the minds of human civilization? Who would have thought that the silly scribbling of a script would have stuck to humanity's collective brain in such a fashion! The trouble with tribbles is the stuff of countless hours of intense pondering.

I guess the lesson to be learned it that "cuteness" is a Darwinian trick of nature. Yikes - I am going off the deep end! Sorry to put rambling craziness on you blog Franz.

Endy said...

Endy whsipers softly...