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meeting the kur

My boy Endy started to post the beginning of the RP last week. We were about to carry cherries to trade them with the neighbor-SIM, as a kur and his sleen were surprising us. The first part of the RPyou find on Endy's blog.
I don't have the time to edit it into a story-form, so I just took off the timestamps etc.:

The Sleen chases the slave back up the steps with a hiss, then rolls over keeping one eye on the stairs and a tongue flicking out to test the air.. before flopping over for a half sleep.
River looks down to the sleen, trying to decide if its a boy sleen or a girl. Endy whispers to his brother "Maybe it is a female, we could catch it and breed it with Fluffy" [Fluffy = our guarding sleen]. River giggles at the thought of Fluffy getting it on.
The sleen farts but keeps a sly eye to the steps, it was good at waiting.
Endy smiles: "If we got Fluffy sexed up, maybe he would stop attacking me?"
Franziskus looks down at the sleen laying on it's side as he sees the commander. He cries out "Watch out, Matt!!!"
Endy: "Jarl, Run!"
Matteus: "Run?"
Endy: "RUN!!!"
Matteus: "Run from the sleeping sleen? I'm going to check on the new renters. Yell at me if you need me."
Franziskus whispers "As you are close to it, can you see if it's male or female, Matt?"
The sleen turns it's beady eye to the male, a little test of the air a grumpy look on it's face. Then paces the bottom of the steps... oh yes, it was sleek, some said cute, but they didn't stay alive to spread that story.
Franziskus' grip at the bow gets even tighter as he sees a kur coming around the corner in addition to the sleen. A very ungorean scream of suprise escaping his lips. "Aah!"
The kur gives a low growl, hauling on the chain to drag the sleen up the steps
Endy raises his bow, the furry beast in front of him, and some very painful memories making the bow very tempting....
The kur speaking in Kur: "mughato' rutlh"
The sleen waited like a rabbid dog straining on said chain with a hiss.
The kur climbed the stairs to the house and ducks under the bell trying not to brain himself, his hand firmly gripped around the leash of the sleen
The sleen snuffles closer to the Jarl and truns to snarl at what it would hunt the Thralls.
Franziskus swallows and steps back, his arrow aiming at the kur... at the sleen... at the kur again... at the sleen... He tries to firm his voice "Stay where you are, beast... and... beast!" - Still not sure, which of both had spoken.
The kur slaps the sleen across the top of his head, giving a low growl. Then speaks in kur "rutlh va"
The sleen brought it's tail around herding the thrall over to where it would be seen.
Endy sheaves the bow reluctenly and with his Master next to him whsipers "This is... the Lord to whom you gave the sunflower potion, my Master" chosing his words carefully knowing that Kur hearing is very good.
River holds his bow tightly in his hand even though he was shaking.
Franziskus chases his boys behind him, standing between them and the two beasts.
The sleen rolled over on it's side to play dead ..a beady eye focused.
The kur: "I come to give you thanks, although, it seemed your messenger was reluctant to hand the cure over". He elans down giving the sleen a quick rub along its belly before giving another command.
Franziskus tilts his head a bit to his boy's whisper, but his eyes still firmly at the kur. "Ah, the one that thanked with beating you, mine?"
Endy bites his tongue to prevent himself reminding the Kur that he was to interested chasing slave girls to give Endy a chance to hand over the potion and simply remains quiet.
River involentarily steps back as the kur speaks.
The sleen moves it's sleek muscles to stand and a hissss slipping over it's large fangs as the tail once flips to herd the thralls and guard it's Master.
The kur: "I have come to ask you to travel down to the south lands, to a place called Sardar"
Franziskus watches the kur carefully, the breath from the beast blowing in his face. He wrinkles his nose a bit, but keeps his pokerface. Reluctantly he sheathes his bow as he heard the kur - though sometimes obviously temperamental - won't harm humans.
The kur continued: " find out what you can of the paths and defenes leading to the lair of the ones known as priest kings."
River watches as his master sheathes his bow but keeps his in his grip not trusting the beast with the safety of his master.
Franziskus frowns at the kur's words "Travel south? Hmmm..... been there many moons ago.... a PKs nest, but it was abandonned, I think"
Endy nods and shudders a little remembering his fear in violating the priest kings hold sanctuary.
The kur unimpressed answered: "Everyone I ask, say the preist kings dwell in the sardar mountains. I wish to find out if this is true and if so, if there are any secure paths leading into their lair."
The sleen lets it's large head twist in a violent struggle from side to side. It's tail pulsing ((oops)) sending up little clowds of dust.
Franziskus tilts his head a bit to the side in his typical manner "Do you mean.... you want to come and see yourself?" His eyebrows snap up "All I know, the kurii avoid water!?" - And with a look at the sleen "Don't know about sleens..... except seasleens of course."
Said sleen sniffs butt and trys not to flick it's tongue out.
Endy gulps nerviously not liking the situation, his brother fearing Kur, and he.... having become fearful of Fluffy, the housesleen
River puts up his bow, eventually taking his lead from his master and brother, but his fear of the kur still not leaving him. He stands as still as he can hoping the beast doesn't see him or even worse recognise him.
The kur: "We have some allies to the east of the sardar, but their kind aren't welcome there, they are the red savages, have you had contact with them?"
That moment Eric, the blacksmith, climbed up the stairs. "Tal, all", he said before he realizes the situation and his hand reaches for his sword at the sight of the kur.
Franziskus tilts his head to the other side and was just about to continue talking as he sees the blacksmith coming up the steps unsuspectingly.
The sleen would be of no danger unless the Master order it,with a flick of a wrist on chain.
The kur spins around as he hears a voice behind him. "Greetings, human". He lets out the leash a little, letting his sleen examine the newcommer.
Eric's hand tighten around his swords hilt, his previous experiences with kurii weren't that helpfull.
Franzi slowly gestures to the blacksmith to calm and not threaten the kur.
The sleen starts to snuffle in the males cloak, a little flick of a long tongue and wonder if that was food in his pocket.
The kur gives the chain a tug, calling the sleen back to his side. He speaks in kur "va uSgheb"
The blacksmith looks to Franzi and shrugs, then moves his hand away from the hilt.
The sleen's head snaps round as it's pulled to heel, with one hiss over it's shoulder.
The kur: "If you are heading down south, I will have some furs and horns to trade with you for herbs and spices rare to these parts."
The sleen pushes a sleek muzzle into the males leg... pinning him with it's weight to the wall as the Master talks.. it would hiss a warning. Then it pushes it's large head over pushing the thralls back.
Franzi pricks his ears as he hears furs and horn "Hmmm, I think I'd have someone who'd need tabukhorn and leather...."
Eric knows Franzi means him. He shrugs.
River still shook up from where Fluffy attacked him, jumps backwards.
Endy whimpers as the sleen pushes at him, trying to resist the temptation to draw his bow.
Franziskus "But.... I just came back from a long journey. I didn't plan to go for another so early...". He pokes his second boy to step behind him.... at his LEFT shoulder as he should always be. [Note: In Gor slaves should stand behind the left shoulder of their Master, so their Master's sword-arm isn't blocked]
The sleen was a truely sly beast at the best of times, so pushed it's muzzle further into the males keeping them together. In line of sight of the Master.
Endy spots his master's motions, and quickly moves, glad to be away from the sleen.
Franzi's eyes wander for a short moment, searching a way for the blacksmith around the kur, but doesn't find any. On the other side... it might be better to have the kur and the sleen surrounded... just in case. He glares back at the kur before he speaks: "So... as I told you: The place was lost and empty the last time we were there."
The sleen moved with sleek but sure purpose, it's tail lashing out.
Franziskus: "If you want to see it with your own eyes, I will soon get another ship ready... for a good amount of horn and leather. But alone? I don't know what I should find what I didn't find the last time I been there?"
The kur answered "All I have asked and questioned all said, the priest kings have their lair at Sardar, but these men of the north, know little more, and the few southern traders, only know the fair around there"
The sleen backs up pushing a tail into the male behind, one movement and the sleen would spin. It would let the Master talk in peace but would also allow the beast to gut him if he moved.
The kur continued "All I ask is that you verify that it is either empty or not, but every Kur that has attempted to near there has ceased to return which gives some substance to the tales they are there."
River steps back so not to impeed his master's arm if it is needed.
Eric had forged his sword for kurii, he wasn't scared of the sleen... it was the kur that had him worried.
Franziskus scratches his head, thinking... He looks to the harbor where his ship anchors. "Hmmmmmmm..... my seamen are tired from the last travel. We been away for 8 hands. I have to grant them at least a hand break before we break up for another travel. And I guess I will have to hire some warriors too, as it is a long and dangerous passage. Sooooo.... you have to offer a lot... lot... very much... tabuk horn and leather"
Kur: "I could give you 30 horns and 30 hides of leather to take to trade down south. - All I wish is to verify that the preist kings are there, but this other empty next interests me, you say its deserted?"
Franziskus nods "Aye, the other one was empty. However... a lot of...." - He looks at the blacksmith for a short moment, then lowers his voice "... errrrr..... instruments were left there... you know, what I mean... errrr.... magik!" - Avoids to mention the technical instruments in the presence of a Gorean.
The sleen flicks it's tail up the front of the male behind it, it would push slightly but as yet meant no harm.
Franziskus Ninetails rolls his eyes to the sky doing the math quickly "Hmmmm.... 50 horns and 50 leather... and only if you come with us to see with your own eyes! --- Did I mention it was dangerous and I have to PAY warriors?"
Eric really shouldn't be a stranger to that, he was after all kidnapped by kurii but then his memory of that had been whiped.
Franziskus - if he wouldn't know better would think the kur looks a bit pale around his nose... snout.
The kur grumps, turns his head to the left, opens his mouth as gis stomack spasms, shooting his last meal across the wall. He growls, wiping his arm across his mouth cleaning the drips into his fur knowing his pet will be grooming him later.
Franziskus Ninetails watches the blacksmith from the corner of his eyes, hoping he stays calm in the presence of the beasts. He shortly nods to him, then jumps as the kur pukes over the wall. "Aah!" [I just love that Homer Simpson scream or whatever it is!]
River clamps his hand over his mouth and gulps as his stomach turns over.
The kur mutters something unintelligible through his translator: " Bondsmaids, ..gensdsd.. fish.. sqrkk.. bzzt .. rancid... crckkl"
Franziskus Ninetails eeeechs and grimaces for a moment at the mess, not daring to look at the remains of the last meal of the kur. He looks at his first boy who's turning pale and then green in his face "You don't feel well, mine? Maybe... you should lay down?". He ruffles his first boy's hair and nods with his head towards the house. ((River needs to go to bed)) Then turns to his other boy "Go and get a bucket...." - He shortly looks at the mess and corrects: "... two... three buckets with water, mine!"
River nods desperate to get inside so not to embarrasse his master in public.
Endy looks with distaste and the mess on the roof of their trade hall "Yes, my Master"
The kur reaches down rubbing the sleens head.
River runs into the house having been dismissed and out through the back door, vomiting violently.
The sleen gives what would almost be called a grin at the rub, before going back to guarding the rough male by the steps.
Endy takes a bucket from the kitchen and begins filling it from the pump.
Franziskus Ninetails turns with a worried look to the kur: "Are you feeling sick or was that just the thought of traveling over waters?"
The kur: "You talk about taking me with you, and then mention hiring warriors... do you not know, we kur are the equal to a hand of warriors?"
Endy cautiously steps around the Kur and sloshes the water at the puke, then hurries back to the pump to refill it.
Eric sighs as he had feared as much and he wasn't even a warrior, his sword would not do. He would need to ask Matteus for help.
Endy sloshes another bucket of water at the puke, glad the slimy substance is finally moving.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye... so if you come with us.... then 40 horns and 40 leathers will be fine!" - He looks for a moment at the blacksmith, if this will do for a while in the smithery.
The kur: "40, as long as we leave within 30 days"
Endy moves closer to the steps for one final slosh to wash the puke into the docks, accidently pouring a large amount on the sleens head as he does so, and quickly backs off.
The sleen shakes it's head letting the water drip and runs after the thrall.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Deal!", and was about to stretch his hand out for a Gorean handshake to seal the contract, but quickly retracts his hand again, as a handshake with a kur prolly would cost his arm.
The blacksmith turned around to leave "Safe paths, all"
Franziskus Ninetails: "And as I said - We could sail next hand."
Endy backs away further from the sleen holding the bucket out in a threatening manner to suggest to it that it may be hit by the bucket if it does not back off.
The sleen stands right next the thrall... shakes like a wet dog, spraying the area with water fish and other nasty bits from it's teeth.
Franziskus nods to the blacksmith "Safe paths, Eric.". He winks to tell him secretely, that soon he will have more goods for the smithery.
The kur: "That will be fine, you shall have your horns and leather as we sail." He gives a small nod and growl as the strange human departs.
The sleen's tail was far too big for such a small area and as it try to turn this way and that, it's heavy tail knocked over the goods on the stand.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Well then. I will send one of my boys when the ship is ready. I think, Endy already knows the way. And... " - he looks at the slowly cleaning mess at the wall "... you should do something about that nausea"
The sleen sniffed the air, tongue flicking out.
Franziskus Ninetails growls a bit as he hears some crates behind him bursting.
The kur reaches down, unclipping the leash from the sleens neck, and speaks in kur "choq!"
The sleen's prime slave meat had wandered by and a hiss pushed off the step.
Endy growls and hastely bending to scoop up the good and put them into a crate before they get damaged.
The kur: "Cookie does like to hunt"
Franziskus Ninetails frowns a bit watching the sleen disappear "Hmmmm, you shouldn't let it hunt in the village... I don't think the villagers would tolerate that. And easily the hunter can become the hunted."
The kur: "She has been trained to track and herd female slaves"
Franziskus Ninetails nods, glad his has only male slaves, and that for more then one reason.
The kur: "It's good practice for her to track and follow through human villages, to get her used to all the smells."
The sleen licks the thrall and turns again to face it's Master knocking over more goods with it's tail.. and a cheeky snort.
The kur reaches down tickling Cookies belly
The sleen giggled if a sleen could.
Franziskus Ninetails sighs as he hears more then sees more crates falling to the ground. "Well, better let it hunt then before all my goods are landing in the dust"
Endy winces, the sleens leathery tongue having taken at least two layers of skin from his leg.
Geordie gives a soft growl, slapping his thighs as he calls over to the sleen. "jIj yur!" Then with the translator: "I have to head back, make sure the ones left behind know to behave themselves and not eat anyone in my absence."
The sleen runs, nearly knocking the Jarl out the way at the command, it's body nearly wrapping round the Master.. with a nuge of it's ugly head it hissed.
Franziskus Ninetails nods, not sure how to farewell a kur decides for a simple "Uhmmmm... safe paths then....", just realizing he never knew the name of the beast
The kur turns and calls over his shoulder as he begins a long easy stride "Be well, Human"
Franziskus Ninetails shouts after the kur "TRY LAVINIA JUICE!" ((=against nausea)) then mumbles to himself "...or was it juice from the leaves of the brack bush?". He shrugs and finally turns to his boy and the goods, to inspect the damage the sleen left.....


After that only a short RP with the blacksmith followed. He had returned and I gave him some iron bars and tabuk horn and wool and leather ((all from that mentioned Nutri Life System)) to make working-tools for my boys.
So the next days we will go on another travel. And I hope this time I don't forget to take pictures!

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