Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to move on?

I've bit my tongue for so long, always hoped for things getting better, but they don't. So now I have to get rid of some things...

We are not too happy in Kalana Fjord. So many people are arrogant, rude, inpolite. - My boys and me been away for a long time as I was building Corcyrus. That's true. But one of the reasons were, that since the junction of Kalana Fjord West and East, we were somehow pushed to an outsider-position. 

Let's say it clearly: The owner of the neighbor-SIM and his men and slaves are an arrogant, ignorant, rude and inpolite bunch! They never tried to include us in their RP, and when we started a RP and tried to include them, then we were ignored.

It's strange, cause every SIM me and my boys visited, welcomed us nicely, appreciated our RP and would be happy if we would join them. So, why are we treated like scum by people I never had met before? I don't know.

Well, we took it for a while, busy with our own RP and stuff. This week we gave it another try. Offered RP by buying drinks as we needed it for a trade (see River's blog about that). Again we been ignored while so many people from other SIMs asked "Come to us! We trade with you! Please come!".

But the "highlight" been two days ago, when Endy and me were RPing making Kalana Wine (as none of "them" didn't want to trade it) and RPing with the blacksmith about an incident (another RP about a certain candy-thief, that was more or less planned OOC and should have continued...) at the docks... and right in the middle of that, said SIM-owner and his men came, dragged the blacksmith away from us without a greeting and left us standing there buffled. I. Am. Pissed!

Well, the ironic thing is: As we went home... totally upset... I met a woman from the village at the docks... and - surprise! surprise! - she complained IC too about the ignorant males in the village, slaves as well as Free. So at least it seems we are not the only ones who are ignored and bullied.

I don't think we can expect an apology for the (OOC!)-rudeness of these persons. And I don't think their manners will change. So, we are considering what to do at the moment. Just stick to our place, doing our own thing/RP, ignoring them as they ignore us? Or move on, as there are plenty of SIMs that would appreciate our RP and welcome us happily in their middle?

Well, my lil sunshine River is on travels (vacation) now anyways; so we will wait until he's back. I know, he will say "Wherever you go, we will follow!", but I don't want him to return to an abandonned home.


Misha said...

i am sorry that you feel that you dont fit in, i tried the best i could to make you feel that you are included and yet have your privacy as well. As for being people being rude i dont see it. also you get back what you put in, maybe you need to look at what you are doing in how you feel you dont fit in as well. we are growing and getting new people everyday, role playing and having fun. as for me i am soo busy it is hard for me to get even a little bit of rp let alone some time with my master. if you do move on i will understand and always think of you as a friend. Maybe we are just not the right place for you and your boys. misha

Judas said...

I'm sorry that you believe that you do not fit in to Kalana Fjord, I of course know the woman that had complained and she is still with us, but you always get back what you put in as misha said.

As for the OOC Rudeness, I haven't seen this, I know for me I always see you with your boys all together, not much in the village so its hard to guess ic if your having your privacy or not.. If you do move on i will understand and wish you well in where you might go. If you decide to stay it would be great to see you more in the village

River, Mater's lil Sunshine said...

with due respect misha, you are in the clique, you wont see it. I have been totally ignored but chosen to say nothing. I put it down to being a slave but then saw it happen to my master. dispite what has been said, i have seen my master walk up and say greetings only to have said party walk away without a word. Anyway it is past now.

I know i have been accused of staying on my masters property in the past but without a valid reason to leave i had to. i always roleplayed with anyone coming close enough, and hung around the dock so i would see people. I was still ignored as was endy. We stayed because of you and matt even after being asked to go elsewhere, we always said no we wont leave misha. But sometimes you have concider other things.
Kisses Misha,

Franziskus said...

Well, what to say anymore what haven't been said already? I think River already said it all.
"It's both ways!"? and "You'll get back what you give in!"? Well, I could search for at least 4-5 occasions where said person didn't answer a greeting or went afk right the moment I came into chat-range and got back right the moment I was out of chat-range. *shrugs* However, we feel welcome and appreciated where we are now. So, what's over is over. What's left is just a little pain in the question of loyalty...