Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now for something completely different

Time to write about other things!

So, it's the season... no, not THAT season, but halloween season. On saturday (before that crap started) I've been with my boys on a hunt at Big Momma's House.

 It was so much fun. You have to talk and defeat skeletons, witches, werewolves, vampires, barbie (!) etc. Spooky atmosphere! Really worth a visit. And it won't take so long. Thumbs up!

Hehe! I had to post this picture as some of the roos becoming even bigger than my lil  moonbeam. But yes! even our roos celebrate halloween!

Can't see it too well, but we have a zombie roo, a skelly roo, a ghost roo (testimo) and a mummy roo (I think). They are sooooooooo cute! [I think as far as I understood, they are costumes available at the roo-store, so you can just "dress" your existing roos up]

So, yesterday was my lil sunshine's 1st rezzday. We had not much time together, but at least went dancing to Arsenal and had some fun. So sexy kittehs I got:

And after my boys went to bed... late at night... my Bestie Tel invited me over to the haunted house he and Dee had done. I changed into Jack Skellington and jumped over. It was so much fun and their work is amazing:

It was good to get other thoughts and to have some fun. Thanks, Tel & Dee!