Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Short Dream

Well, it started last saturday right before RL-work, when I get an offer from someone I met the one or other time, but never had closer contact to.... It was really a surprise: The offer that he'd buy a (Gorean) SIM and I'd have free hand in building and managing and administrating it. Though it did sound too good to be true - I hestitated. Cause most people in Tabor welcomed us warmly and I didn't plan to leave so soon again. And... well... even if I'd had the chance to restore my work I had done in a certain city, altering it to someone even better and greater... it would have been a lot of work.
So I needed some time to think about it. There was harvest festival in Tabor too (oh, and sooooo proud of my lil sunshine, who made first place in the Gorean Trivia!!!) and RL-work..... and I couldn't think really straight. But finally, after talking to some people in Tabor and after the agreement to add this new SIM to the cluster, I finally agreed on monday!
My boys and me were so excited! Already went shopping, searching for new textures and inspiration and other stuff....
One of the most impressive shops is Grey Kurka's! I mentioned it some posts before.

His texturing is awesome, and how he plays with prims... altering.. changing... cutting them.... it's truly inspired! At the same time I'd see his work as challenge to me, and I would have been happy for the chance to build something at least half as spectacular as his builds.

However, on tuesday, we got the notice, that due to some RL-issues our "sponsor" had to step back. :-(

Well, it shouldn't have been. It was a nice fantasy... cut as surprising as it was offered. But always looking at the bright side: Gives me more time to spend with my boys, for RP and for building stuff for my shop.

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