Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy building

Didn't mention for a while my new updates on the store. I got some packs with paintings, also available as single paintings. As I sell them for 10 L$ each, with is the price for uploading them, it's not really a profitable business thingens; it just made me angry, that some people try to sell uploaded pictures, often not even adjusted to the original or in low resolution or with ugly frames (most of the times all this together) for 100 L$ or what....

  (c) Finn Millar for Vice Poses

Finn Millar made a great picture for the promotion of a poseball-shop ("Vice Poses"). Showing my basement. I have to say: It really looks very atmospheric! Of Course Finn and Spencer are great artists.

Okay... now, let me see... what did I put up to MP in the last weeks? 

There was the blacksmith house I'd built for Corcyrus:

.....Another palm in a pot....

... my old store ....

... and a new version of the torvie house! Smaller than "The Merchant's House" and "The Poor Merchant's House", that's why I called it "The Merchant's Little Brother" :-) However, I abandoned alpha-windows and used sculpted windows this time, cause I'm annoyed by that alpha layer bug; so even as it is smaller, it uses some more prims.

And still lots of projects upcoming!

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Anonymous said...

The Basement was PERFECT for the shoot. The picture has gotten a lot of attention on Flickr and in world as well. Hopefully I've helped spread the word a bit about your wonderful builds. They deserve to be recognized for how truly great they are.