Monday, November 7, 2011

in Romanum

On Saturday I got a call from a customer, who had bought the hacienda from me. Well, it seemed to have been partly a misunderstanding. Though it is explained in the notecard, here again a note about rezzers (not only mine! This is a SL-glitch according to EVERY rezzer): When you lower a rezzer so much, that the building parts are underground, then they might stick in there! The easy solution for this is: After moving the rezzer to the right position, derez and then rezz the building again. Now it should be all in the right position.
Anyways.. after solving this he showed me where he put the Hacienda down. It's on one of the Romanum SIMs. He changed the textures on the outer columns and added lions and a gate from Grey Kurka.... and it looks really nice there and fits in the SIM very well, I think!

(For the pic: Couldn't show more of the hacienda on this pic, as we were standing on the roof on the other side *g*)

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