Monday, November 7, 2011

surprising RP

Last thursday we just wanted to do some errands on the markets, but then had some hours fun with RP. Often it's the spontanous, unexpected RP, that's the most fun. And I enjoy those much more then fight, capture, torture and trading captives.
First we met the new baker and her girl, bought some honey from her. Then we were in the town to set up a marketstall for black wine and cacao, but then there was that tarn and..... Oh well! You can read it all in my boy River's blog.

And on this occasion also found the baker's girl's blog... and now even the blog of Lori, the baker, herself. Welcome to the blogosphere!


Desi said...

Thank you for the amazing RP and the shoutout! It really was an absolute joy to get involved in the spontaneous RP with you and your boys.

Lorianya said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! We did too! And thanks for the welcome. Still getting things set up on my blog, but this should be fun. :D