Saturday, November 19, 2011

As I had mentioned: We are on the menstuff hunt. We just got 1/3 of all the gifts, so #1 - #50 are stored in my inventory, waiting to get opened. But apart from the hunt-gifts we also found some nice extra gifts. One at a shop called GIZZA Creations. When you join the group at the entrance, you can grap a lot of really nice gifts.

I took the time to take some pictures of the male gifts (there are gifts for women too...). I know... modelling for clothes shouldn't be with such distracting background, but I just had some fun in Ange's D.I.Y. Photostudio:

This is the "Blue Outfit" (.. I think. Though it's not much blue.)

The September gift

The June Gift

One of my Favorites: Blue Leather Outfit

The October Gift
(Don't like this so much; 
that explains my sad look 
although I'm sitting on Santa's lap)

The Valentine's Gift
(Love this one. Looks so cool 
and I extra changed my hairstyle for it back to how it was a year ago)

The Sweater Outfits

The May Gift

The Male Leather Jacket
(and yes, I accidently chosen the same pose as with another outfit)

The First Year Gift
(It had a strange tie with it which I took off.
Without it, it looks quite gentleman-like. Like it!)

The November Gift

P.S.: 12 hours after this post, Gizza decided to charge 250 L$ for joining the group. That's a bit disappointing IMO, on the other side understandable, as many people just join the group to grap the gifts and then leave it again. - However, once joined, you will receive a monthly gift. Decide yourself, if you think it's worth the 250 L$.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned the last part Franzi. I've noticed that in my own group as well and have been struggling with if to charge to join it.

We give a monthly free gift as well and it's disappointing to see the member numbers jump and then fall right around the time we put the gift out. Maybe charging to join is the answer.