Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the hunts

We been on the builder's hunt last week, and I have to say... it was a bit disappointing. The worst organized hunt I've ever been to. Half of the shops on the list had no gift at all. And as they didn't have one, you didn't get the LM to the next one. etc. Bad organisation! And the gifts? I sorted them yesterday and half of it got directly into the trashcan. I don't know.... sometimes it seems to me, that shopowners put in those hunts their worst products with the motto "Doesn't hurt, when I give off THIS for free".. .which IMO is totally wrong. Who will ever return to your shop to BUY something, when he thinks you are building only crap?
The good thing at this hunt was: I always doubt my own building-skills and always try to get better... but I've seen a lot of shops and I've seen what people try to sell there and I realized: Most of that stuff I can do better.. and a lot of stuff others try to sell, I'm creating en passant, often giving it away for free or as bonus.
At the moment we are on the menstuff hunt. And that one is fun and the shops much better! Totally worth it.. I hope. I haven't unwrapped the gifts yet, as we are just at #25 of 150. As soon as we finished it, I'll report about it.

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