Thursday, January 31, 2008

a new school

Yesterday we found a new school! Well, Rammy found it...

That's sooooo hot there! All the facilities... We were very fond of the showers. Students are supposed to shower the "buddy-way". That means: Shower together. No problem with that! *lol* You're even allowed to masturbate and pee in the shower. And students are supposed to shave pubic hair every day. There's a special table for it. Of course Rammy and I had to try it out immediately. We need such a thing for the frathouse!!!

There was also a nice bench in the lockerroom and Rammy and I made love. It was nice to have some vanilla-sex after all the BDSM-sex we had. I enjoyed it very much! And I liked the thrill that every moment someone could have entered the lockerroom!

Too bad there are much more girls then boys. And most of the boys aren't gay. We don't know how much they are into spanking and punishment. Rammy and I teased the school-secretary: We changed our clothes in the middle of the hall and put on our leather outfits. Though the secretary gave us a real ticking-off, nothing else happened. Too bad!

She just send us to the lockerroom to get dressed back. But Rammy and me decided to go to the amazing pool. Some girls came to watch us (btw: I got some really hot and short speedos yesterday) and convinced us to swim naked. As I saw in the rules: Students are supposed to wear as less as possible. So we did it. It was a little embarrassing to swim naked among the girls, but exciting too!

Then Andrej came to the swimhall. He's another student. And as we found out: He's gay. He wasn't shaved, so Rammy and me shaved his pubic hair on that table and stroke his dick. He was so embarrassed especially cause some of the girls were watching. But he seemed to like it cause he came twice!

Afterwards we ran through the school-house. Naked. And whhhooooing. No consequences. :-( But fun! And we ended in the girls-dorm cause they got a better bed there then in the boys-dorm. We had a nice threesome. I think the girls made pictures, but I'm not sure if they weren't lying. They threatened to show the pics to the secretary and hang them to the hall. That would be embarrassing!!!

However, Rammy and me signed in to the school as exchange-students. I hope today we get the application. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun there! There's a nursery-room too, with some interesting possibilities. I'm not sure if there's an physical examination for new students!? Could be exciting...

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Jordyn Carnell said...

um.. i think i visited that school once.. hehe