Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Rezzday to me

Yes, it's my rezz-day today. And I had planned to write something about One Year SL. But... I don't even have time to write about the events of the last days, so I better let it be. You know enough about the ups and downs of my life, when you read this blog from the beginning.

The list of people I met in SL is long. The list of those who came close and are important to me is also long. I wanted to write a Thank You, but I'm afraid I could forget someone, so I just say: Hey, brothers and sisters, friends... You know who you are, you know I love you. Thank you all for being you and for being a true friend. LOVE YOU!

Oooops! Getting a little sentimental... *me whipes a tear from his eyes* (Jaja, tiger built too close to water these days)

*taking a deep breath* Soooooo..... the last days? Hm, one week after the "coming out" of Q alias Gabriels Asbrink is over. And surprise, surprise! It wasn't such a bad week. After the realization, that the last months - the good things as well as the bad things - were one big lie anyways, I had the strength to release. I'm not sad anymore, just still a little paranoid and suspicious when I meet new people.

I left Tiger's Isle. Took only some stuff with me, left the rest there. May they do with it whatever they want. But my inventory is a bigger mess then ever now. I guess I will have to take a whole day "off" to clean it and sort it out.

On sunday there was JC's monthly BDay/RezzDay-party. And I was one of the co-hosts. A lot of friends tp'd in - like Spanki & Dari, Leigh, Waltentine, Douggie (!!!), Alexi, Kenneth, Vitos, Equinox etc. etc. - Dafydd was co-host too (must have been in heat! Oh my, was he shmexie and horny!)... However, it was good, dancing together. And Daffy was on the phone with JoJo and we all shouted "Jojo" and "brother" and "love you"... so funny. Missed my brother Jojo... - Anyways, I'm sure you can read more about the party on JC's blog soon. --- On the pic you can see us all together doing the "package check". That was so funny! *giggles*

Monday I met my brother Rammy at home. (Yes, it's the same house I had with Q. I love it and hopefully find the time to make it cozier soon) He played Beethoven's Mondschein-Sonate (I just recognize NOW, that this is a bit ironic... you know... moonlight... Moonbeam... I played this for my hubbbie on the 27th Nov and Rickie started to call my hubbie "moonbeam" on the 28th... of course a coincidence *giggle*) and "Unchained Melody" for me... first he played both at the same time, which shows a big musical talent but sounded a bit like a kakophonia, but then he only played the sonata and I just listened and got carried away by the wonderful music.

And yes, you did read right up there: Douggie is back! What a surprise! I don't know, if it is a coincidence, that he's coming back now, but I'm happy to see him again. He changed, grew up. Yeah, they grow up so fast *sigh*...

So, that was my week... apart from one thing: As it seems to be so popular to have alts, I gave myself an alt as christmas-present. Those who have to know, do know who it is. Those who don't have to know... can find out easily, but they better don't try to contact me, they will just be muted. My twin is there for some reasons. One of it is to get a break. Those friends who are on his friendslist know and accept the wish to be alone. He's not there to betray or cheat on anyone and if he meets you, he'd probably tell you who he is. If not, well then he doesn't trust you, I guess *hehe* And he prolly will start his own blog pretty soon...

Well, that's it. So, today is my rezzday. Q had planned a big rezzday-party for tiger weeks ago. I think this will not be happen. It will be just a day like all the other days... and that is good as it is!

And yes: Happy new year to everyone!


JoJo said...

Happy Rez Day, brother! So glad to hear you are doing better and seem to be emerging from all of this a better person. I only miss being on SL and spending time with you and Spanki and all those people important to me. And yes, I get the feeling that Dafydd is horny too. But i will take care of that when I see him in person in less than a week!

Love you, brother!!! Happy Rez Day!

Darias Constantine said...

Happy Rezz Day my beautiful Brother in-law! You've had a lot of good and not-so-good experiences, and I'm glad you've made it through them all to see your Rezz Day. That's a real accomplishment! It was great dancing with you and Spanks and the brothers at the Rezz Day party. Happy new year to you, too!

Love ya!

Justyn Maurer said...

Happy Rezz Day brother!!! (again =^.^=)

I'm happy to hear that your moving on and happy with your life now that the Q saga is over. No sense wasting tears over him. I have missed dancing with u...too bad i had to work on JC's rezzday party. Luv ya!