Monday, February 2, 2009


As my Kenshi is busy with some RL-issues, I spent more time on earth the last days. Decided it was time for changes and got a new skin. I like it but still have to get used to it...

Sooooo, can't remember what I did most of the time. Sitting around or dancing around, busy in IMs most of the times. Talked a lot to my brothers and beloved ones like Spanki, Andrej, Jojo, Kyne, Tree, Justyn, Rammy etc. etc. etc. Wanted to clean my closet the whole time, maybe send some clothes to charity, but it's just a mess like my whole inventory. *sighs*

Did some modelling for JJ Laters creations. His new shirt is so... uhmmmmmmmm..... hawt! But he wasn't satisfied with the pictures; said, my sex-appeal would distract too much from the shirt. *blushes*

Friday I joined JC's monthly rezzday-party for a while. But was too laggy and... humm.... didn't feel too comfy for a certain reason. Headed over to another place of a guy called Shea; forgot the name of the club, but Spanki and Dari were there. I invited Rammy and Tree over and Jojo came too, and Arc was spinning the tunes... so we had fun brothers dancing all together. Was pretty good! Wanted to go with Jojo to Daffy's gig at Premier afterwards, but then there were some issues on the other planet and I had to leave.

Sunday JC invited me over to a concert of the incredible talented Enniv Zarf. I only got the last 20 minutes, but that guy was amazing. I should go more often to such concerts!

After that party-time again. Yay! Danced with Rammy and my uber-shmexie brother Justyn at Hot n Hung to DJ Gregsters tunes. Gee! ish mah bro so shmexie!!! Wanted to lick him all the time *purrrrrrs and adjusts* Too bad, I still was busy in 1000s of IMs --- would have liked some action on the dance-floor. Soon headed over to another club of DJ Wesley and danced there. Rammy crashing all the time. Poor bro! And Douggie joined us too. Oh my, miss my little sunshine. Too bad, that I was so tired; had to leave for a kitteh-nap soon.

However, it was an exiting weekend. Just missing my Kenshi and most of the other-planet's family. But realized, how much I miss my earth-life too.... =^.^=


Justyn Maurer said...

/me purrssssss

Had a great time with you too today brother. Got to lick Douggie a bit too after you left for your nap later on. Great pics btw! love dat collage format. Gonna miss u more when i'm away. Luv ya bro!

*huggssss n licks*

Leigh Eel said...

I like reading your blogs.. they make me smile :)

Neko Nevie said...

I still miss seeing you, brother. You are always in my thoughts. Hugs and kisses. Take care of yourself.