Thursday, February 26, 2009

just some pics and notes

Me is terrible tired, but I can't stop watching my love in his sleep, the cute faces he's making in his dreams, so adorable, lovely and peaceful. Listening to the waves and the seagulls and blackbirds, flying around in the sunset... It's the second night we're spending in a hammock at the beach and I just luv it!

So, before I turn over, cuddling to my Beloved, I thought I quickly add some pictures and write some notes....

Been shopping yesterday a little. Earthclothes for my love. And... oh my! He looks sooo cute and shmexie! Had to fight the urge to take him right there in dah store!!! *roars*

Well, and for me got a new kilt. Getting addicted to kilts. So inappropreate for a Magistrate, but.... rrrRRRRrrrrr.... I just luv them!

We been dancing then at ZEUS as my bro Spanki is a new host there. He's so happy with the job and we supported him. Well... is always fun to dance with my brothers and mah Kenshi liked it too. mmmmmm

And --- big YAY!!! \o/ ---my bro Justyn is back too! From jet-lag to SL-lag, so he was just on for a few minutes, but time enuff to intro him to Kenshi and for some cat-fighting-lick-and-grope attacks. *yummy* Missed him so!

Today was so busy! - Got my first boy in Gor, busy getting him all the equipment a good Kajirus needs. So, I'm the proud owner of Codey now. Sweet boy. Wasn't planned like that, as he should have become Matt's boy, but Matty never there and boy lonely. Couldn't answer for that any longer and claimed him. Duh! Sew me! (But better read Gorean laws first. No chance, sorry) =^.^=

So, I guess that's it shortly. Cuddling now to my hubbie, feeling his hum hum through the fabrics of our new undies (YES! I bought undies! Imagine that! Okay, was an accident more or less, as it should have been a present, but my love was faster then me, so I kept them) and purring to sleep..... Nitey nite, everyone!

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