Sunday, February 22, 2009

just hello

So busy this week and don't know exactly what I've done. Hm... built a jungle-valley on Arad. Oh sorry! Of course I don't "build", I just place some prefabbed items somewhere somehow... *shrugs* However... I guess I exaggerated a little with the rezzer. You shouldn't stuff about 1200 prims in a rezzer. *giggles*

Still happy with my love; honeymoon seems to go on and on and on. And the better I get to know him, the more I love him. *purrrrrrs* Je t'aime, mon amour!

Missing a bit my "society life" though - dancing, talking, chatting, flirting with my brothers. I hope they soon have more time for me and me for them. And brother Justyn should come back soon. Hoping for a brother's danceout soon. *roars in anticipation of pounces and licks*

Oh, speaking of dancing! It's the end of the months and that means: My dear friend JC is giving his monthly rezzday-party. So, if you have rezzday in february or RL-birthday in february or just want to paaaaaarty (and it will be good as one of mah favoritest DJs Gregster is playing *yay*), then come to Lucifer's remorse on friday:

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Justyn Maurer said...

Wow bro, luv dat pic with da birdies in da cool! I should get back on Wed if everything goes according to plan. Can't wait to dance n lick n rub up wif mah smexy bros, mee-frickin-yeoww =^.^=

Too bad i can't make it to JC's party again this month, gotta a wedding to go to, so looks like i'll b shakin mah tail in RL instead.

Luv ya Franzi!