Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is a life-post so-to-say.... I'm dancing at DJ Heloq's Valentine's party, enjoying the love-songs, getting a little sentimental....*me rubs a little tear from the corner of his eyes*... Miss my love so much. He promised to come and he always keeps his promises, so I'm concerned. But brother Jojo promised it also and is missing, so it prolly is just another SL-problem. *sighs*

So, I'm just enjoying the music and think about loves gone and loves present. Happy to be best friends with Spanki and Andrej now. Happy, that (second) life have led me to one of the most wonderful people I met, who's so caring and protective on the one side, so shy and cute and trustful on the other: My Kenshi!

I'm happy for the people I met, I know, I love. Thank you all! Love you!!!

Oh my... I'm really getting a little too sentimental! But... *shrugs* It was V'day, wasn't it? =^.^=

Soooo, what else is new? Spent a lot of time with my love this week. Enjoyed the honeymoon so much. I know, we won't have so much time together in the future, so I tried to squeeze every precious minute with him like sweetest fruit. *purrrrrr*

The rest of my time, when he wasn't with me, I spent mostly on Gor, caring for the boys of Arad and RPing. So, you can imagine: My inventory is still a mess or even messier... *sighs*

Last night we were dancing naked around a campfire like a wild tribe. Dreaming of a wild island integrated into Gor, but for a bunch of wild boys like in "Lord of the flies". Mmmmm, that would be fun!

And I took a "family-picture" yesterday. Too bad, Kenshi is missing on the pic. Hope I soon can do one with all of us together:

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