Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's new, pussycat?

As usual after a weekend I don't have so much to tell. RL interferes from friday to sunday and like my bro Spanks I haven't found the X to switch it off yet.

Apart from that - I got the flu. Bugs running around in SL; are they infectious? But after a feverish & puking monday I'm starting to feel better now.

Sooooo, already forgotten most of what done on friday. I know, that Mick and me visited Bac's new SIM again, to bring him a housewarming-present. And we were riding his crocos for a while, which was some fun. Yeehaa!

Late night after work Kenshi and me went to JC's monthly rezzparty. But left as J 'it's not about me!' C had to leave because of his bug (as I say - infectious) and went to bed. We went to The Wharf, dancing to Kaj's tunes. Was good to see the shmexie kitten and his bf Malden again.

However, was time for bed early as work called the next day. Not much to tell about saturday and sunday. Well, there *would* be, but nothing that belongs in here. Not at the moment.

But lil bro Mick started his own Gorean blog. What a surprise. I think it's a good possibility to improve his English. The storyline is promising. I hope, he keeps up to it...

So, the monday... spent in bed most of the time. Had some trouble with lil bro Rocco, but we finally solved it. I hope.

Special thanks to JC, who was there as I needed him on sunday, though he was sick himself.

A special "love you" to my hubbie, who's the best ever! We're still planning a wedding-party, just don't know when and where. I already know the referent (waves to JC) and the DJ I have in mind, but not the place and not the date.

Oh, and a black panther joined my Byakko in our household. Jinx is his (or her? Kenshi calls it "her"...) name. Should have become a wedding-present for my love, but he needed some cheer-up earlier, so two wildcats are roaming around our garden and making a lot of noise. I wonder, if they could get lil cubs? That would be a nice mix, I guess.

Speaking of cubs... Had the - okay, ridiculous - idea if a male could get pregnant in SL? Anyone ever tried?


SpAnKi said...

hai bro
sorry u were sick, seems everybuddy is just lately

on your pregnant question, I kno of a neko male who is carrying twin kittens, he is goodboyjay if you remember him - so yea, guys can do it to in SL, duno if thats only nekos but anyway, its possible - not something I wud wanna do but definitely possible

huggs x0x

Dehrynn said...

I hope you feel better soon, Franzi.. I lot of my friends have been feeling downright awful with the flu, as well. Its that season.. or the end of that season, hopefully. *hugs*

Justyn Maurer said...

Get bettah soon bro...i hopes i didn't pass da flu on to u when i had it 2 weeks ago. Well we did get a little carried away with lickings a little while ago so i might have passed it on to u...sowwy =^.^= Oh about gettin pregnant, It is possible. Met a kitteh at Boots a long while ago by da name of Silk Garzo (i think its Garzo anyway or something close) who was pregnant with a whole litter.

*huggs* bro, luv ya!

Jordyn Carnell said...

I try all the time.. (though not for this last month)