Thursday, March 5, 2009

My cutie lil bro and other stories

Gee! So busy... no time for writing.... But time for dancing. These days with my new lil bro Mick, who's actually my love Kenshi's lil bro, which makes him brother-in-law to me, but luv him like my own lil bro. And yes! he looks like a lil tiger-version since he became neko. *purrrr*

Danced with him and my boy Codey at the beach.... well "boy" sounds a bit ironic, as Codey is the tallest. *hehe* Dunno when he too becomes neko. Strange thingens... went to Gor to get a break and now everyone's coming down to earth and becoming kittehs. Must be tigerish charisma or something... *giggles*

However... lil Mick is such a cutie, hot-headed sometimes, but cute and big-hearted. I couldn't have found a better family!

There he sleeps in the laundry-basket while I was busy building. Mmmmm, so sweet!

Well, and apart from dancing? Hm... a little burn-out. Sleeping at the beach, being inworld from waking up to going to bed, always busy, too much to do and too many beloveds to take care of., Gor taking a lot of time, with sometimes good RP, sometimes bad RP. The mess in the inventory increasing (tried to sort it for 3 hours the other day. At the end I had 500 items MORE in it. *gulps*). But I got the support of my truely loving partner, my dragon, my halt, my strength: My love Kenshi.

Old wounds sometimes make it unbelievable for this kitten here that a love like this is possible. So scared of doing anything wrong after I had been brainwashed over months how inferior and selfish I would be. But things are getting better and I'm so happy with my love and my family...

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