Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Almost another week gone. A lot to update. Didn't write for two reasons: One is the lack of time, the other is that I didn't want to write anything in anger and disappointment. So better write nothing at all.

So, what's new? My inventory increasing. Okay... that's nothing new at all.

On Gor? We're moving on. We found a nice place which is about to be rebuilt atm. Very close to Bac, which promises some fun. Peoples seem nice and communative. So we're all looking forward to move there.

My lil bro Mick makes me proud. He's growing every day and surprising me a lot. His building skills are getting better and better. I guess he will soon start his first shop. *hehe* Yesterday he put his first creation on XStreet for sale: A big medieval/Gorean fireplace with prim-fire. I'm pretty sure it isn't the last item he sells!

What else? Hm... Friday I couldn't sleep so early after RL-work. My beloved companion was getting a cold, so I tucked him in early and warmed his feverish body while I was thinking about the events of the two days before. And as I got a call from Syri playing at Galthie's House of Slaves, I sneaked out of the bed and jumped into some chaps and followed Syriana's call. Was fun dancing after a long time and a nice distraction. And Syri is so yummmmmmy!

Hehe! Didn't get much sleep that night as I had to get up 4.5 hours later for RL work. But it was worth it. So, about saturday there's not much to tell. My hubbie slept the whole night, which was good for him to get better with his cold. So I spent time with our lil bro, who was tired too and needed to be tucked in.

Gee! My sleeping rhythm changed a lot these days. Almost becoming "normal", which isn't a bad thing at all.

Sunday? Hm... what was sunday? Oh, bought warrior-kilts for Mick, Juz and Very and we all looked awesome! Then went to Harbinger to buy some weapons for our lil Master and now he's armed up to his teeth. Hehe, Very said, Mick is there "like a kid in a candy-shop". Was fun, seeing him so exited. And I can't wait to show my brothers our new place on Gor, as soon as it's ready. Well, some tails and ears have to be hidden then... =^.^=
Justyn should have had his first gig at Myst, just the moment I was going to fall asleep. I had a bad concious for not supporting him there, almost stood up again though extremely tired... But as I heard later, there were some problems with the schedule and he didn't dance at all. Hopefully next time I'll be not so tired to support him for a while.

Monday visited brother Jojo for a while, sitting around in his new build pavillon. Was good to just spend some comfy-time talking and relaxing. He's still busy all the time, so I don't see my brother often. Hopefully he comes over to the house for some playing soon!

And then the best-hubbie-of-all and me got in some fancy clothes, changed into hybrids and visited Chiaroscuro. As expected, my Kenshi loved it there. It *is* a beautiful place, no doubt!
My friend DD joined us later, showed us around, showed us a secret cuddle-place in the woods too and then left us for some love-sharing. Mmmmm... *purrrrrrrs*

Took this picture of my beautiful husband and I could stare at it all the time:

He's the best that ever happened to me on SL, and if I am getting kittish as we kittehs get sometimes and I'm so foolish, to run away, someone hopefully kicks me back into his loving and caring arms!

Yesterday (tuesday) been dancing for a while at ZEUS, as bro Spanki was hosting and his love Heloq was spinning dah tunes. Was so laggy, but fun. And we were lucky with the sploder! First me won the jackpot, then my Kenshi. \o/ Yay! \o/
Was good to see my bro again. He's so busy these days and still honeymooning it seems. Not sure, if it is just this or something else too; he seems distant and I miss him. On the other side I'm busy all the time myself and didn't talk to a lot of people in the last weeks. Missing communication and socializing...

Well, and that's the news as far as I remember it. I should get used to write more regularly again. Who should read all this? I bet you stopped reading at "atm", right? *heh*

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Justyn Maurer said...

Bro...alwayz looking forward to ur posts, if i can't catch up with u inworld at least i can know wat u get up to, hehe. Thankies for da kilts again, i'm lovin Gorean clothes more n more these days.

Oh yea...about Sunday nite, I know we bros have to look out for one another but I feel bad now that u felt obligated to support me. I totally forgot wat time it was for u. So bro, i really appreciate wat ur doin for me but i want u to look after yourself first, okis? Get enuf sleep. *kisses n licks* Luv ya =^.^=

ps. You n Kenshi look totally amazin!