Thursday, March 26, 2009

long day

What a long day it was yesterday! But cool... most of the time. Teso started the day and became a savage boy, exploring some beautiful jungle out there with Mick. Just too bad, that scripts were not allowed, so they couldn't use their weapons to conquer the SIM.

Justyn and Very joined later and exploring the jungle soon became exploring each others boyparts. Which was exiting too. *heh*

As I came back myself, it started with some bad news. A hard decision is to be made in Gor. The day before we were looking forward into a great future, and now it suddenly looks dark and without pleasure and fun. I just hate liars and betrayers. *sighs*

Needed some distraction, so I showed my lil bro my Byakko and we were tiger-riding in the sky which looked pretty cool. Too bad that flying tigers prolly are not Gorean. Well, they are not even Earthan, I guess....

Visited Bac's Dark Path Sim which is... hm... dark? Well, a nice tapestry, some cushions and colorful curtains here and there and it would be cozy... maybe. *heh* Nah, it's dark, but impressive. Left him some gift to make his crocodiles more dangerous.

However I still didn't feel so well with the disappointment about someone, so I needed some time alone. Went to the Isle of Worms, which is a SIM with dragons. JC once told me about it, and I thought as my hubbie's animal is the dragon and I missed him so much this day (RL-work) I'm going to take a look. Didn't see much dragons though, but I'm sure, they ARE there. But dragons are hidden most of the times, yer know? As I finally saw one and was about to run to him and say 'hello!' I crashed. - Well, it just wasn't my time, I think. But I'll go there with my love again, I'm sure.

My love came pretty late inworld and as we just had gotten naked for going to bed, a call from the Silver Sabres reached us to rescue Rio. So, getting dressed again, rushing to a Gor-Sim that name I forgot and.... reading the rules. And reading. And reading. - I only had about another 200 lines to read, as Rio's dove reached us, that he is about to be released.
Well, rules are a fine thing, but keep it within the limits. There's no fun in reading rules more then an hour. *sigh*

Well, that was it. Returning home, dancing naked with my love in the living room, falling down to the basement as the rezzer once again crashed (note to myself: Not more then 1000 prims in 1 rezzer!!!), continue dancing naked, inviting my bro Nevie to dance with us (nekkied in the basement) and finally falling into bed, tired as a dog, but happy with my love in my arms.

Yes, a long day it was!

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