Thursday, March 19, 2009

sinking islands?

Have been some busy weeks again. Still trying to sort my inventory, but somehow it gets bigger and bigger. Dunno, what I'm doing wrong!? *heh*

And I renovated our house, added a basement, still trying to furnish it. Bedroom is looking nice already. ;) *purrrrrrr*

And this week i could witness as bro Juz gave his love Very his selfmade wedding-ring. That was sooooo romantic! I was swinging on the kitteh-trapeze in our living-room and did as if I wouldn't listen to the love birdies, but it was soooo sweet. I just luv my bros!

Well, all together it was some good and happy weeks... Till yesterday. Now all seems to get down at once.

First I heard rumours, that Tiger's Isle is about to be closed. Well, I should be all "Ha! I knew it! Nya nya" - but strange thing: I'm not! I feel sorry for Q's dream. The good times we had. And there's still a lot of my stuff there, inclusive a part of my heart, I guess. I took a walk over the island with my lil bro. Standing there in the sunset and enjoying the beauty of the island, disappointed by some changes though, but the jungle area is still nice. So, I hope they get over their disagreements and keep Tiger's Isle alive. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart!

The other island - Arad. Well, what to say? What started as a try to make things better, ended more or less in a disaster. I dunno, if anyone is to blame, but what's done is done, and so we will have to carry on...

However, I'm disappointed. After weeks of caring for others, being there for them 24 hours a day, I feel like I'm now blamed for everything. Well, if you don't show emotions (and don't care at all for others), it's easy to not hurt them and not be hurt. Others want to go their own way, but then expect from me, to be there for them, when they stumble. And indeed, most of the time I'm ready for that, but at the moment, I'm out of energy. Maybe it's time, to reduce my online-time... dunno

This is for M, M & M:


Quagmire said...

Choose to post it or not! I just wanted to say thank you and that I am sorry! Your little cub has grown up! I've said nothing but good things about you in my blog, and I said some good things about you to JC, but most of all I have said them over and over to myself in my heart!

Dark Lord aka Bac said...

Tal Sir,

If you are looking for a new path perhaps we should talk, we are looking for roles to be filled by some very good rpers, drop me an IM

Dark Lord