Monday, October 19, 2009

and yet another one

Has it really been almost a week I wrote my last entry? Whoa! Well, busy week it was. But now it finally will get a bit better as I worked a lot on the Isle so it finally got up for RP again on Friday.

As usual we were running out of prims, so I took off our private penthouse high over the island. Been a bit sad doing that, because I really like it, but we have another parcel with our lovely cottage and it would be unnecessary to have three instead of only two (Gor and Earth) homes.

I don't remember when it was - thursday or friday - when I was running around as tigers Freki (+ Byakko + Jinx) and hunting deer in the woods. That was fun!

Not much time on the weekend due to RL-work. And then.... the Gorean RP-server is back. And it made me a bit angry. Not, that it is back, but the way how it was done. For all non-Goreans here a small explanation: You have a server in Gor, where you store goods like salt, wine, meat etc. Others (raiders, thieves) can steal from these servers, so you better hide them well and the challenge is, to find them and steal from them (in RP!). The goods are also used for trades, if someone is captured.
To fill the servers, you need to produce goods and trade them. Therefore you have units like blacksmith, a medical bowl and a brewery. They produced a certain amount of goods per day. And the less they produced, the more worthy was the good (like 1 paga per day, but only 1 kalana each 4th day).
So, in the past you could have all three units in any SIM (not only Gorean) producing all goods they could produce around the clock. That flooded the economy of course. Often slaves were traded for 50 bags of salt or something, which is ridiculous, as 1 bag of salt normally is the price to trade for an Ubar or very high caste member.
So a while ago the creators of the system decided to stop that inflation and changed the system. Now you can only have one unit on your SIM and only when it is a registered Gorean SIM and you have only one good to produce in this unit. - Which is okay so far. BUT: The older players, which produced zillion of goods before, still had their zillion of goods. So, that's a bit unfair to the new players, but well, life isn't fair, especially not Gor.
What finally made me angry now is, that they disabled the servers again without any warning. They were disabled for weeks. And as finally the new version was back, every item you kept in your inventory and not in your old server, suddenly is worthless! That's hard for us, because due to the repairations on the island, we had emptied our servers and kept it all in our inventory, till we finished. But then we couldn't put it back into it, as the servers were disabled. Grrrrrr!
Well, now we either have to become thieves or we have to make a lot of captives to get some goods. *heh*

Okay, what else? Hm, made some pictures yesterday of my boy Brian, now called "Eagle". We're becoming a zoo! *lol* Tiger, Dragon, Wolf, Fox, Eagle....

He looks so lovely and cute. I'm very proud of all my cute boys. I think the picture became pretty nice:

Later my other boy and lil bro Mick/Wolf joined us and I took some pics of the two love-birdies. Watched them dancing in the nightsky, which was just lovely and you could feel the love in the air, causing me pleasurable shivers. They are so purrfect for each other, like my Kenshi and me.

I love this one, as it looks a bit like the Gorean paintings I've seen.
I just love to play with the sky-settings:

As I finally went to bed with my two lovely boys, I took a last picture. The lighting with the gamma gave it a certain "comic"-look, which I liked very much. Brian looks so peaceful sleeping, Mick looking at him with loving eyes and me watching over them. - One of those pics you make by coincidence and you would never be able to catch the moment if you would plan it:

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