Saturday, October 10, 2009

Luke, I am your fasa!

Just a few hours before 11 hours hell of RL-work is waiting for me; time enough for some notes, though there's not much to tell.

Most important: My Kenshi finally is back! \o/ Yay! \o/ After cuddling and slow-dancing a while in the gazebo, he wanted us to buy tuxedos. Mmmmm, he's looking so good in it! He wanted to go to a jazz/blues-club and I remembered Spanki mentioning Hotlanta several times, so  I asked Teleny for the LM and we tried that. I liked the cars parking in front of the club and we.... uhm... "borrowed" one. *hehe* Made me feel like 30s or something... Thinking of "Cabaret" and "Victor/Victoria". Somehow I always think in movies. - However, it's a nice club for blues and jazz, though the music wasn't exactly, what we were looking for. Well, it was good music, but not for cuddling slow-dances with hands secretely moving under jackets, under buttoned shirts, carressing the skin under the fabrics.... If you know what I mean. *winks* But we got tired anyways, so finally went home. Was in the mood for nice cuddling in and out of the tuxedos, but we were toooooo tired.

Seems we don't get the opportunity to cuddle these days. Cause last night... Well, I had worked a lot on the Isle and it's progressing very much: New lake, new beach, new swamp... Then RL-work called, and as I came back after midnight, my love had electricity problems. Talked a while on the cell-phone till he finally got power back. Showed him the new builds on the isle and then we wanted to go dancing at... uhm.... what's the name of the club? Stardust? Starfall? Me and names! *eeeks* However, that club of Sherynn on Koen's land (I think)... ah, ya.. "Starfall" it is! So, I tp'd there and sent my love a limo.... and waited... no reaction.... then heard him snoring in our private voice-chat. That happened once before and since I'm teasing him, that he sounds like Darth Vader (that's why the title of this entry), but actually it's kinda cute. So, there was nothing with dancing; went back, had to wake him up and drag him to bed. Poor, sleepy dragon... (Love you much mucher!!!)

So, I hope we soon have some comfy time together. At the moment my mind is blown with too many things; have to get the island back and was asked to write articles about RP and fighting some hurt feelings and disappointments, but I guess I'm just a bit too sensitive from all the busy-ness.

Well, RL is calling soon. I wished it was sunday evening....


Teleny Macarthur said...

Franzi, it was good to see you at Hotlanta that night, and Kenshi, was nice to finally meet you! If you want a good place to go for "cuddling slow-dances with hands secretely moving under jackets, under buttoned shirts, carressing the skin under the fabrics....", try Avilion Ballroom.... love songs,BEAUTIFUL build, formal attire or medieval formal only. I'll drop the LM on ya inworld!

Justyn Maurer said...

You both look so smexi in tuxes. Can u drop me the lm of the shop bro? Thankies ^^