Thursday, October 29, 2009

lil kittehz and lil devils

For those who are interested: My "lil" kitteh (13 pounds) Henry is slowly getting better. It was heartbreaking watching him trying to walk after the narcosis and surgery, always falling, looking helplessly. I was holding him in my arms for hours, let him sleep in my bed (which means, that I didn't get much sleep...), but today he looks much better. Sleeping a lot, still a bit dizzy. I hope, he's doing much better soon.

So, as my last two days been a bit stressy with the lil kittycat, we had a relaxed and fun time yesterday. Making a surprise rezzday-party on the Isle for Mick with Heloq as DJ. It was fun with Mick, Heloq,  Kyne, Conny, Shtax, Jaap, Freki, Rio, Rafa, Parzi, Teale, Wil, Almazy, Eili, Aeneas, Milo... and finally my Kenshi for three slow-dances (Hope I didn't forget anyone).

After the guests were gone way behind midnight, I held my lil happy devil for a while, we enjoyed the view at night over the island and cuddled a while. Nice evening it was.


Rammy said...

Thank you for sharing your story of Henry. I hope he gets better. I think it is important to love creatures even if the are "just" cats.

Kyne said...

Heyyyy, I was there too a bit. Although, I'm no competition for gor-people. Hope the kitty gets better, mine has been feeling badly too.

Franziskus said...

Ha! I forgot you, kitteh? Have to add you immediately. Sooooorrryy!