Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm out of titles

Another week gone without an entry. And I don't even remember what was going on. My Kenshi ill. My RL-kitteh very ill too yesterday and at the pet's hospital. Gets all teeth extracted. The kitteh, not Kenshi.
Some RP also, but I was too tired for a continuing storyline and after 10+ hours RL-work on Saturday and Sunday I wasn't really fit for RP.

Oh, been to the slave-hunt at the harvest-festival in the group-alliance cluster. Was fun, but the rules were a bit messy, I think. (Or me too tired and exhausted to understand them)

Trying to write articles about RP for the group-alliance/Tabor. Well, they will think they don't need it, so I have the feeling it's just a waste of time...

Dancing yesterday with my lil bro Mick who had his rezzday and Jaap (from our island) and Rio and Nevie joined us, dancing to Heloq's tunes.

What else is new? I don't remember. RL-issues and some inworld-disappointments don't leave me in the best mood. Well, it's autumn, that's always this special time....

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Jordyn Carnell said...

I love Autumn and Winter for the beauty in nature, Spring and Summer for the other beauty (of people nearly naked everywhere I go)